About Me

beautuFrench Italian girl,  I’m a marketing expert with over 9 years working with brands as PR and Marketing Consultant. My styles follow my moods and lust for leading the trends. Girl Boss, Inked, from brunette to polar blond, all that matters is to be true to myself and enjoy life as if it was a donut covered with glitter!!! My blog’s name stands for what a girl needs to be beautiful: Grazia (Grace/Elegance) and Gioia (Joy).

On Grazia e Gioia, I’ll make sure I’ll share with you my favorite brands, cruelty-free (sometimes natural/organic too) cosmetics, outfits, food, lifestyle or travel discoveries always wrapping it with a twist of elegance. As I don’t like to categorize myself, I’ll share all my discoveries on the homepage so that you can have access to all the universes without having to choose! I’d be more than happy if you could take the time to leave comments or share your personal experience with me!

In order to maintain a transparency and honesty with you all that have the kindness to follow my blog,  I’ve decided to mention in each of my articles and reviews a mention that tells you if this is a sponsored content or not. All the reviews are made paying a careful attention to the items remaining true to myself. I want you to read these reviews in full confidence. I am writing them as if you were testing them too, I want to share with you the most out of each little item. When it comes to brands, I like to collaborate with brands that mean something to me, and use items that I like in my daily life. 

I am proud to introduce you to the brands and craftsperson I do collaborate with. They are all owned by women who like to make beautiful things to make life beautiful…

Welcome into my gold and pink little world of Grace and Joy! Let’s dive into glitters and sparkle!

I kindly invite you to join my community