BALNAPISBATH : Turn your bath into a crystal oasis of LOVE !


Hi Lovelies,

I have been waiting for so long before writing this article… I hope it will change your bath ritual, so that you turn it into an art or at least a wellness oasis.

Gemstones are precious…so you are… and so is to me the way I will relate my experience. Having been travelling a lot these past few months for my marketing consulting job, I really wanted to commit to take the time to write an appropriate review, and hope you will enjoy it.


A few months ago I had the pleasure to receive free Balnapis Bath products to try and review for Grazia e Gioia. In the scope of this collaboration, I decided to take the time to try the products, and of course provide a fully authentic review.


Ladies, take a deep breath, turn on some relaxing music…and dive into a luxurious, relaxing bath retreat.

I have asked Balnapis Bath for a collaboration, because these are precious handcrafted bath and beauty products that are inspired by nature to bring us comfort while remaining invigorating.

Balnapis Bath pant-based, and essential oils products are vegan and cruelty-free, which means the world to me…to bring yourself wellness, bath gems or cosmetics shouldn’t cause any suffering…only wellbeing!


With every purchase from the Balnapis Bath Etsy Shop, a donation is made to the non-profit Days for Girls, a passionate global network dedicated to empowering women and girls throughout the world by providing access to sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education. Therefore your bath ritual takes a whole another dimension and meaning. Taking care of your body with natural products, means caring for yourself, treating your body with self-love, also means caring for others.

Indulge in the soothing and cozy ambience and delicately open your precious little gems bags, and let them exhale their generous aromas …

Now that you’re all set : soak in this luxurious foam and cozy bath for 20 minutes of pure relaxation !


First, the little gems bags, as I like to call them, by Balnapis Bath, encapsule all the benefits of gemstones and essential oil aromas for an ultimate soaking experience. Little bags are filled with colorful crystals. The first I’ve tried is Geranium Rose Quartz (all in PINK!!)! My favorite color! It’s all about relaxation and revitalization. A sprinkle (hand size) is enough to deliver all the fragrance and benefits of Geranium and rose quartz. The most romantic will discover this perfect pairing of the classic love stone with the floral and feminine essence of geranium. According to legend, the pink quartz spark feelings of deep compassion, appreciation and self – love! With Rose Quartz geranium bath salts, a full bath, always equal to a full heart!


Soaking into BalnapisBath bath salts is a true hydro-therapy experience. The bath becomes a relaxing moment, soothing body and soul.

I particularly like the fact that the bath salts crystals have a sand-like texture (they look like colored candy!), the soft and invigorating fragrance is delicate, refined, and truly natural. It envelops your skin, and lasts all through a long day.

After using BalnapisBath, my skin is fresh, but my soul is totally peaceful, ready to start and enjoy the day with a beautiful smile, inside and out! These bath salts refill your heart with vibrant, invigorating energy.


Used in a bath for my feet martyred by designer’s stilettos, the small crystals of geranium have accomplished feats, totally relaxing the soles of the feet, ankles (with a small massage to let essential oils penetrate). In 15 minutes, the pain went away, the arch became soothed and my skin remained fresh, soft, velvety. These little magic crystals brought me a true relief!


These bath salts will make your soul sparkle…but not only! Your eyes will shine like those of a little girl when discovering the gem hidden inside each bag …

I’ve had the pleasure to keep a little rose quartz and place it in the hand of my Buddha after using my gemstones infused bath salts.


These bath salts are filled with wellbeing and good intentions. This is the little extra something that makes me recommend them warmly to you.

Next fragrance I will have to try are Lemon Adventurine and Bergamot Onyx. I will be honest with you…these bath salts are so precious to me, that I didn’t dare using them all. I am saving them preciously for a special bath moment when I’ll be less traveling.

What fragrance and benefits do you need?


Bergamot Onyx: Strength & Stability

Vindi, vidi, vici. Tonight I soak; tomorrow I conquer. Legend has it that black onyx promotes vigor and stamina; as such it has been associated with the greatest of the ancient heroes, Heracles. This dynamic duo of black onyx and citrusy bergmot will have you ready to take on whatever tomorrow has in store.

Lemon Adventurine: Positivity & Perseverance

Like a ray of sunshine, this cheery bath bar fills your tub with the zesty aroma of freshly squeezed lemon and an overall sense of well-being. Tales talk of aventurine’s ability to diffuse negative emotions and instil feelings of prosperity and determination. Use this fizzy bath bar to melt away tensions and soak up some sun!

Eucalyptus Amazonite: Confidence & Creativity

Get your creative juices flowing with this exhilarating combo. Known for it’s stimulating scent and therapeutic properties, eucalyptus perfectly compliments vitalizing amazonite. Associated with ancient female Amazonian warriors, this blue stone is said to inspire freedom of expression and courage. Empower your bath like never before!

Lavender Amethyst: Relaxation & Revitalization

Oh the power of purple! Indulge in a soak fit for royalty with this elegant pairing of tranquil lavender and amethyst quartz. This vibrant stone is said to detoxify the psyche and promote mindfulness and clarity. Paired with the soothing aroma of lavender, this duo will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

Geranium Rose Quartz: Love & Romance

The hopeless romantic will revel in this perfect pairing of the classic love stone with the floral and feminine essence of geranium. According to legend, rose quartz sparks feelings of deep compassion, appreciation, and self –love (we could all use some more of that)!

Fill your bath and heart with LOVE!

Tell me which aromas would suit your mind and lifestyle better?

I’m thankful to BALNAPISBATH for bringing the spa spirit at home!


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