24K Gold double scrub: Red Carpet pampering for your skin!


Hello Dahhhhhhhlings !! Let’s indulge into a world of luxury for your skin today with the hottest most ultimate beauty kit for glow addicts… A 24K scrub to bring the Red Carpet glitter directly onto your skin and into your bathroom.

This post is written in the scope of a collaboration with House of Vimm, an Australian underground beauty house who kindly sent me a set of its most popular scrub, the 24K UNDERGROUND GOLD BOX DUO ($149.00 value) to try and review. Thank you beauty GODDESS!!


With regards to my ethics, this a cruelty-free item and I would not publish an article on a product that would not fit my standards. The opinion stated in this article is 100% mine. Before being a cruelty-free beauty blogger, I am a real person, living a real life. Yes I’m an instagramer too, but before all, I’m a girl using lots of makeup and cosmetics every day and who is always happy to discover new brands or products that could change my beauty ritual or beauty approach. I’m always pleased to discover items that I can recommend to my beauty professionals’ network or simply to my friends, who are girls just like you and me.

House of Vimm is an underground beauty movement and boutique providing high-end skin care for Model’s, Mum’s and Men, and is suitable for any type of skin. House of Vimm takes care of your skin with a 24k facial polish that clears your skin, minimises pores to nothing plus assists your skin to create collagen and reduces wrinkles. Not to mention the GLOW that you can only get with GOLD. It’s like you’ve had a facial every day…


The packaging is just a piece of chic! Modern, a nice white box, tied by satin ribbons that make it look like a girly treasure box… GOLD FACIALS, girls !! Felt like the Cleopatra of modern times opening my box! The set is composed of two little black and gold pots, easy to take away in a vanity while traveling. Baby, now you’re GOLD ! Let’s try out this amazing scrub !

SPOIL YOURSELF!!!! Gold facials are reputed for their highly performant impact on skin’s hydration, and rejuvenation. The set is composed of a combination of refining polish and gold face defining gel.


Both are scrubs that offer a different kind of intensity, texture, and results. If you’re following Grazia e Gioia you know how much I love scrubs and that I’m addicted to the post scrub’s glow. Glow Glow Glow!!! Both scrubs are made to be used in a row. First, you exfoliate and tighten with the Gold Face Refining Polish. But you can also decide to alternate. Gold face refining polish is more of a « groundwork » and gold face defining gel comes more like a super moisturizing treatment.

They have become part of my beauty routine, every three days, I also extended their use to my entire body, as I am heavily tattooed, I discovered that these scrubs have the super power to make my tattoos glow and look rejuvenated! I then combine it with other scrubs and lotions I discovered recently and that I’ve added to my beauty ritual. It’s always good to alternate products to enjoy all their assets.



In order to clean your skin, this first scrub acts like a lotion wiping away make-up, impurities and pores’ secretions. The scrub is lightly golden, with little grains incorporated in its texture. Simply wet your skin, apply a generous amount of the gold face refining polish, keep massaging slowly for a minute or more. I leave it onto my skin like a mask for 3 minutes. I also like to use it on my tattoos to enhance their glow and take care of their color. I keep massaging all my inked area. After 3 minutes or more of scrub and massage, you simply have to rince it out and pat dry your skin. NO RUB! It damages your skin! Look at that beautiful clean, healthy looking skin !

My skin is radiant, shining bright, pores are reduced, my skin is plumped and fresh. Almost like a teenager! This is what I really love in these scrubs, it’s the fresh feeling when applying it on your skin. It leaves the skin velvety smooth, tightened. Second step, consist in hydrating, reducing pores and wrinkles…




This scrub looks a bit darker, and has a thicker (opaque) texture. Gold Face Defining Gel is perfect to prepare your skin to receive its daily anti-ageing treatment, or moisturizer. It really goes deeper into your skin to clean it from the toxins and repair the damages. This part of the scrub is more like a pre-skincare you can use it before bedtime too.

I usually wet my face, and apply a good thick layer of gold face defining gel. I start to gently massage my face, and once it’s done, I leave it on my skin for 5 to 10 minutes so that my face receives an in-depth skincare, absorbing the gel. Again, the fresh silky smooth texture makes it a truly pleasant ritual. It also smells good, a delicate sweet fragrance. This scrub is the perfect complement to the first one.


My skin is immediately hydrated, glowy, and looks much younger. I’m not looking 25 years old, but my skin’s texture is softer, looks rejuvenated, and elasticity is much improved. As stated earlier, I usually use this anti-ageing beauty ritual twice a week as a complement of my LPG sessions at the beauty spa.


The combination of both has clearly slowed down the ageing process of my facial cells. Thank you BEAUTY GOD for sending me House of Vimm’s facials ! Of course, you’ll say that these are expensive : YES ! They are ! But worth each penny spent ! Results speak for themselves, and used once a week, they’ll last long enough to let you enjoy all their virtues. A smile on a fresh smooth looking face of a person who has restored self-confidence is worth all the gold on Earth !

I’ve trully appreciated this collab’ with House of Vimm, and included both scrubs into my daily beauty routine. On my tattoos this summer, I loved the delicate glitter and gold particles glow that was left by the gold face refining polish. It has made my suntanning shinnier.

After hours in the sea, or sunbathing, my skin has never felt so smooth, plumped and rejuvenated. My suntan is beautifully preserved. I never thought that two little gold pots could make my skin look flawless. I haven’t used any foundation, or primer during the entire summer thanks to House of Vimm!

This beauty duo is amazing, and has changed my beauty and make-up routine. I’m sure that whether you are simply a girl who loves beauty or a professional these pots of gold will change your life. You’ll get addicted to this precious care.

All a girl’s needs? A good pair of Louboutin, jewels…and HOUSE OF VIMM!!


Did you ever try GOLD facials ? How much did you like it ? Please leave me your comments below !

Babes, wanna get the glow ? Shop this beauty kit here : vimm-logo-north-3.png