How to grow your hair naturally???


Have you ever wondered how to grow your hair in a natural way ? Or maybe dreamed of Rapuntzel’s beautiful hair…

I am not a believer in miracles, or the best fairy tales teller… before being a blogger, I am a customer who loves to use products for their proven efficiency and quality, most of all when it comes to beauty.

After months (years !) of bleaching my hair felt like hay ! Extremely dry, it looked brittled, damaged and tired.

I decided to accept the kind free pack Cocoa Locks sent me. Although you might consider this post sponsored, of course, I’ve used Cocoa Locks daily for more than a month to provide you with an accurate and fair opinion. I wouldn’t post about a product that I did not appreciate.

That being said…my hair went through many bleaching processes and needed a little extra help to boost its growth.


Once I received my Cocoa Locks shake, of course I decided to give a try, you know, just to see if this could really make my hair at least stronger or healthier. I did not expect my hair to grow in a spectacular way, as I told you I don’t believe in miracles. My hair was damaged to the bone, and needed some good care first, before it could eventually start to grow again in a healthy manner.

So, on a daily basis I decided to drink my Cocoa shake in a milkshake version : cold and creamy…which is a bit more than the 26 calories of the Cocoa Locks shake itself, but you know…  ! Usually shake proteins and vitamins don’t taste fantastic… therefore I was a bit skeptical…

My first encounter with this shake was its appearance: it looks like cocoa, smells like cocoa, and tastes like pure chocolate ! It tastes so damn good, like real cocoa milkshake! What a good surprise! I included it in my daily routine, every day at 4 :00pm, it’s my beauty/creamy/delicious break. I usually take 2 spoons of cocoa powder (often tempted to put add more!), put it in a shaker with some creamy milk, shake well, and enjoy that moment. You can add marshmallows… cookies, or any decorative treats to make this moment fully YOURS ! Cocoa Locks is formulated with ingredients that are totally suitable for vegans so that every girl in this world can grow her hair better, longer, stronger.


After drinking my daily shake for about three weeks, I started to notice that my hair was in better condition. Then, I had to leave for vacations in Italy. I went to the hairdresser in Rimini, and got a haircut, then had my hair straightened with a steam pod to make it look sooo smooth… I had a picture taken…and was totally amazed. After a full month and even with a haircut my hair grew for at least 3cm ! My hair looks stronger, as if the cocoa locks vitamins helped rebuild the hair fiber deep inside.

I will keep drinking my daily cup of vitamins and haid wellness as I love to call my Cocoa Locks, and will keep posting pictures of my hair on my instagram to let you notice the growth. I don’t wear extensions, the pictures have never been edited, and my hair is totally natural except the mèches.

Here is the result after one full month:

IMG_5448Here are the reasons why you’ll love Cocoa Locks too :

-Cocoa Locks’ formula has been clinically proven by the European Union to maintain healthy hair due to being packed with essential hair vitamins such as Biotin, Zinc & Selenium.

-Cocoa Locks is the worlds first chocolate, drinkable hair vitamins. Great hair and we get to drink chocolate? Where do we sign up?

Each cup is only 26 calories…therefore enjoy your daily cup of chocolate with a max of pleasure and NO GUILT !


Healthy and beautiful hair is as easy as that !

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Fully tested and approved by Grazia e Gioia !