My Lovelies ! It’s been such a long time without posting about beauty ! I apologize but my internet line was broken down, therefore I felt a bit isolated from the rest of the world and could not publish any articles lately.

I would like to take advantage of the summer, and holidays to have you dive into a well deserved self-pampering mood, after months of hardwork and dedication….you need and deserve a little beauty break for yourself.

I received a free set of CocorooBody coffee scrub and coconut lotion, therefore, you might consider this post is sponsored. However, as usual, I am true to myself and to my ethics. The products are cruelty-free, organic and totally suitable for vegans ! I also like the fact this is a small business, I am even happier to introduce this skincare to you.


Recently I added a few nolveties to my morning daily skincare routine, such as a gemstone infused elixir. After trying the Cocoroo set of scrub and lotion, I can admit they entered my daily beauty routine.

On a daily basis I am trying to take care of my body from the inside, as it shows on the outside, but I also indulge in the selfish pleasure to offer my body moments of pure relaxation with the best crueltyfree and organic products.

Let’s have a closer look at the COCOROO skincare set.

The packaging is simple, neat, eco-friendly.

The star product from COCOROO is the Coffee Body Scrub , which promises total rejuvenation. It exfoliates, smoothes and moisturizes, to wake your body up with a good cup of coffee encapsulated in a scrub !


Coffee beans are known to be one of the most effective exfoliators nature offers us. COCOROO scrub provides a fresh energizing texture to give your skin the radiance it deserves.

My skin is pretty dry, tanned and covered with tattoos, which require particular skincare to keep its glowy and fresh looking aspect.


The Coffee Body Scrub is the type of skincare I’ve been expecting to take good care of my tattoos.

As soon as you apply the scrub on your skin, a powerful fresh coffee fragrance wakes up your senses! I love massaging my skin with this scrub in the morning, it feels like giving a good cup of coffee to your body!


The texture is natural, it’s made of pure Arabica coffee beans mixed with macadamia and coconut cold-pressed oil. It smells amazing, very energetic, once on the skin, we can feel exfoliation in action. Your bathtub will be covered with small brown coffee powder! But you’ll get a super glowy skin! It’s worth the cleaning! Ahah! The skin is covered by a transparent and silky texture, which makes the skin look shiny instantly. No need to pour a huge quantity of scrub, it expands while massaging the skin.

Massaging the feet and ankles is super relaxing, the texture really melts on the skin, it’s easy to apply. As a coffee lover (addict is more accurate!), I consider this moment as giving my body a shot of caffeine!

Once you have exfoliated well, you simply have to rince, and enjoy the beautifully rejuvenated skin that is grateful for this delicate moment.

Results are immediate: the skin is brighter, fresher, smoother and smells like coffee! Yummy!! Good morning starts with a good scrub!


After using the coffee scrub my tattoos shine and glow, the skin is well moisturized.

The second skincare provided into the COCOROO set, is the organic Coconut moisturizing lotion, called “naturally naked”.

This lotion made to hydrate, protect and replenish your skin and makes you feel that the only thing you need is to be naked simply covered with a veil of this lotion.

As a coconut oil lover, I know the tremendous benefits of this oil on hair and nails…yes I did it again! I’ve included this lotion into my haircare routine too! Every morning before tying my hair into a ponytail, I gently apply a tear or two of this luxurious oil, my hair is instantly shiny, that gives a wet “out from the pool” look. Perfect for the holidays!


Once you are done with the scrub, gently dry your skin with a towel, before applying the coconut lotion. Pour a small amount of lotion, massage into your hands waiting for the oil to melt…apply on your body, and tattoos. Instant radiant skin has never been so easy to obtain!


I particularly love the coconut oil, it replenishes and plumps the skin. I use it in the morning, and for bedtime, once every two days, alternating with my other superstar newly discovered products. On my hair this coconut oil does miracles! It has made my hair softer than ever, shiny, bright, healthier and super glowy, which is perfect for the summer. Bathing in the sun and in the sea tend to damage your hair, this coconut treatment prevents it from dryness or sun wrinkles.

Besides, coconut also has anti-ageing properties, full of antioxidants, it keeps your skin vibrant.

After two weeks, using this combo once every two days for the scrub and everyday for the coconut lotion, I definitely notice an improved texture of my skin, it is silky, glowy, and my tattoos never looked so good !

My hair is in better condition, less dry, and with an improved volume.

I truly enjoy using the Cocoroo bodycare. It is simple, made of what nature has best to offer, results speak for itself. Nature can’ t be replaced by chemical or industrial cosmetics ! However, skincare made from best nature’s ingredients turns out to be the best solution if you want to feed your body with only good ingredients. Pampering yourself with Cocoroo scrubs and lotions means feeding your body and soul with love and extra care. What soothes your body, heals your mind ! Total rejavanation is in process !

The only detail I would like to see improved is the unscented coconut lotion ! I LOVE COCONUT so much I’d love my skin to be covered into that fragrance ! It makes me feel like I’m on vacation !

Well, Girls ! This combo will soon be packed into my suitcase, and will directly go into my beach bag essentials ! Destination : Rimini beach with all my favorite superstar crueltyfree newly discovered products !

Have a great summer time, don’t forget to take good care of your skin and hair ! Relax and enjoy the beautiful sunny days ahead !

Alohaaaaaa !! Ciao e buone vacanze !!