Travel Escape: a wanderlust guide to capture the best of Italy – Chioggia Hotel Grande Italia


Where to book your hotel in Venice far from the touristic areas? Discover Chioggia, and the Hotel Grande Italia for a luxurious romantic stay on a charming venezian island…

Hotel Grande Italia and Chioggia, the “Petite Venice”

If you want to enjoy a pleasant, peaceful and unique stay in Venice, then don’t book your hotel on site. We experienced staying in Chioggia, the “petite Venice” which is about 30 minutes vaporetto from Venice, this has made our venetian life experience more complete. Staying in Venice itself means being confronted to tourists. We wanted our stay to remain very intimate, so we booked the Hotel Grande Italia, which is right in front the ferry boat stop and which has a tremendous view on the lagoon!


Chioggia is a coastal town, located on a small island, at the southern entrance to the Venice Lagoon. The historic island and Sottomarina are connected to each other and to the coast by bridges. It has preserved its historic center very marked by the Venetian influence. It is a fishing town with centuries-old traditions. The Vena canal is the main maritime artery of the city.


The Chioggia pescheria is very typical, it is very interesting to go there during the stay to feel the very local family atmosphere of Chioggia. Fishermen sell all kinds of fish, since 4am to wholesalers and traders. These same traders then sell to individuals.


The most beautiful beaches of Veneto are in Chioggia Sottomarina. White sand beaches that offer sea, sun, relaxation, possibility to go boating, water sports, all the ingredients for a perfect holiday with also bars, restaurants of fish specialties. An invitation to delights a few minutes away from the boat of the serene Venice.

We put down our suitcases at the Hotel Grande Italia, a 1914 palace with full view on the lagoon…

Hotel Grande Italia is your faultless romantic destination to best enjoy your visit to Venice without having to cope with the tourist problematic.

This Hotel is a historical building with the appearance of a small palace for common areas. The rooms offer all the modern comforts. Many mirrors and beautiful finish details.And as you know luxury is all into details !

The staff is charming. The hotel is located in the historic center and faces the lagoon…absolutely breathtaking for sunset !


In addition Chioggia is a very good place to spend a fantastic holiday with a nearby beach, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

When entering the hotel I have particularly appreciated the location, literally with the ferry at the doorstep.


The reception hall takes you into another time, where you can easily imagine yourself as a duchess or princess…


The reception staff is very friendly.

The only point to improve is the difficulty to find a parking space nearby. When you have to carry all the bags and suitcases after 6 :30pm…it’s a nightmare in which your turn back to Cinderella’s life ! Absolutely awful when you are looking for relaxing moments.

Once inside the Hotel Grande Italia, you easily forget about the suitcases nightmare. In front of the reception desk, a very comfy lounge, followed by the bar. You can enjoy drinking an Aperol Spritz in a cosy atmosphere. The prices are average for such a high-end place.

However, once in the suite, this is a pure delight. An absolute blessing ! Not only our suite has a beautiful seaview, but it is decorated in a romantic chic atmosphere.

Details have their importance, the minibar is located into a huge leather suitcase used as a closet. The minibar is housed in one of the drawers, the idea is fun and original.


TV is hidden in a mirror, slippers and a super comfy bathrobe are inviting you to jump into the huge Italian shower…to indulge into a relaxing luxurious holiday.

I have had one of the most relaxing nights ever for a long time! The bed is litterally a huge soft cloud, the bathroom is fully equipped, the size of the shower is impressive. I have appreciated the waterfall shower, which is perfect to release all the stress and tensions after a travel day.

This place is ROYAL !

Where to eat in Chioggia?

For a typical dinner I would recommend to simply eat in the Ristorante Alberto Capo, in front the hotel, which is reputed for its fish specialties.


This restaurant, is a true institution in the city and since April 2014, marks a change of pace that leads to the preparation of dishes linked to the tradition Chioggiotta encroaching on the reinterpretation of the same inspired by Italian gourmet cuisine as well as the aesthetic research typical of Venetian confectionery .

The new menu offers tastes that are completely new and able to excite the customer through different sensory stimuli, accompanying him in a journey of growth and discovery.

Great attention is paid to the quality of raw materials  as well as the quality of the preparation according to the methods learned by the greatest chefs in international level.

All dishes are prepared with fresh fish purchased every morning at the Chioggia fish market. The delicious gourmet preparations, rest solid bases in traditional fish dishes of the Chioggia tradition. “Fish at zero km therefore, the top for your palate”.

We have been delighted to taste the refined fresh fish bisque, prepared upon request (it takes 20 minutes but it’s worth the patience!).


Other courses included fresh pasta cooked with the traditional Trevise salad (the red salad which is typical of the Veneto area), fresh mussels. The desserts were composed of chocolate mousse trilogy, and citrus from Sicily mousse with sprinkles of speculoos biscuit.

This meal was a PURE DELIGHT!! Healthy, fresh, tasty, totally delicious! And the price was pretty fair too! Good healthy food is not a matter of luxury. In Italy, in many small restaurants you can find affordable homemade dishes that will please your palate and make your stay unforgettable!



Hotel Grande Italia really offers what Italian excellence has best. Whether it is for business purpose, family stay or romantic escape, this is a flawless experience, and a place I will be happy to return and review again. I didn’t try the breakfast, but the legend says that while having a generous breakfast you can enjoy a panoramic view for 12€per person. I simply had my coffee and croissant at the bar on the left downstair, which also belongs to the hotel, it was something like 5€, pretty good, service was quick, efficient and pleasant.

Sweet dreams my friends!! The night on the lagoon will be calm and relaxing!

I warmly recommend the Grande Italia to all travel escapes lovers!