Travel Escape: a wanderlust guide to capture the best of Italy – Murano, Venice, Chioggia, the Venitian trilogy


Into the Blue: what to visit in Venice in one day?

From Red to the blue of the Venice Lagoon, our travel escape to Italy is a pure enchantment. All the landscapes and cities discovered, all the super friendly people met…and delicious meals eaten. This is a moment out of time, our the real world that we are enjoying with limitless pleasure.


Our next destination is Venice. Before coming with our 88 years old Grandma in wheelchair we discovered that the Venice city website offers a special map for people in wheelchair, Vaporetto boats are free or at a discount rate, and a lot of activities are facilitated, so that no one is left behind. In Venice, respect towards disabled and old people is really impressive.

I was amazed by so much positive attitude, respect and kindness. People are always helping to carry the wheelchair, or to pass through a file of tourists. Many places like the San Marco Cathedral are free or at a discount rate, and the person in wheelchair benefits from many kind attentions from the staff. Same attitude in the museums or public areas in Venice. This is a true lesson for many other cities in the world! A high-end tourists welcome and a humanism lesson.

Top 3 places to visit in Venice if you are short in time:



Murano is reputed worldwide for its small colorful island made of renaissance-style houses and of course the refined handmade glass, expression of the art of venetian craftsmanship for centuries.


Glass workshops are open to visits only in the morning. Even though this is a place that is very attractive to tourists, many small family-owned restaurants offer affordable and tasty menus.

Don’t leave without your Murano glass, to avoid dupes, look for the “Vetro Artistico di Murano” trademark on it. Handmade glass has a price, but this will be an unforgettable piece of artistry and memory of this trip into your home.



I f you have one hour to visit Venice, then, this is the one and only thing you have to do! Directly walk from the vaporetto to San Marco!

Piazza San Marco and the San Marco Basilica

To better enjoy this place, please have a glass of Spritz, and have a seat in one of the most stylish Café terraces and simply breathe, look around, let your heart beat to the heart of the Venitian city vibe. I chose Caffè Lavena, more expensive than the reputed Florian, but less touristic though. Absolute refinement and enchantment!


This is the best way to discover San Marco, its history is engraved in each stone, each sound, each and every little detail you might notice.

This is where the heart of Venice beats. You can feel the Comedia dell’Arte, and the Carnival’s vibes. Sitting on Piazza San Marco, looking at the Basilica, simply enjoying this good time is the way you will best discover Venice.

The basilica is worth the wait line…a pure treasure from the outside to the inside.

For disabled people in wheelchair, entrance is free, and accessibility is facilitated.

The third absolute must see monument in Venice if you are short on time, is the most famous bridge: the Rialto.

Ponte di Rialto

This bridge takes you back in time when merchants were trading their goods on the Grand Canal. The early morning market perpetuates the tradition; you will find there the best fish and other food. It’s worth waking up early to share some of the true Venitian life, totally apart from the stores and souvenir shops that surround this bridge, which has become the most commercial area in Venice.


To really live the real life in Venice you must wake-up early, discover the fish, vegetables and fruit Rialto market, and keep your eyes wide open while the sun rises over the Venice lagoon…colors at 6 to 7 am are amazing.


The sun bathes all the Venitian palaces and monuments, making them look unreal. It’s a magic moment, out of time, that you will never forget. Sunrise and sunset from the Rialto on the lagoon is unique. Happiness is made of little things…this one will stay engraved in your memory for a lifetime.