Travel Escape: a wanderlust guide to capture the best of Italy – Modena: Mondo Rosso di Ferrari


I wanted this escape to Italy to really incarnate dolce vita and focus on a true lifestyle experience. Being a motorsports lover…this immersion into the Italian Motor Valley at the heart of Ferrari is a must!

Modena is a mythic town that I wanted to discover to the fullest…therefore I kindly invite you to buckle your seat belt, and enjoy this experience into Ferrari’s « Mondo Rosso »…Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engine!


While booking my stay at Maranello Village, I was delighted to discover a full package including the tickets for both Ferrari museums, 10% on the official store merchandise at the hotel, minibar, and you can even book your Ferrari test drive !

I have selected a suite, and was delighted to discover this modern hotel, each block being named after an international racetrack. I spent a night in the Daytona building…located nearby a restaurant and close to the reception hall. The hotel public areas, rooms and parking are accessible to disabled people in wheelchair.

The hotel is part of a complex dedicated to the brand and part of which consists of staff apartments of the brand.

Here everything is red, from reception to rooms, everything is made to have you fully surrounded by the racing theme. Everything is Ferrari. You sleep, eat, breathe and think Ferrari! Don’t forget to drive one at Pit Lane Maranello! This will be the best way to indulge into the mondo rosso experience to the fullest! (and the fastest as well! Yes!).

Our suite was composed of two bedrooms, separated by the bathroom and a small office room. The hotel is perfectly clean, the red ambiance is pleasant and helps you dive into the racing atmosphere. The staff speaks many languages fluently, and proudly demonstrates Italian professional excellence reputed worldwide.

The Maranello Village staff kindly offers a 5 star welcome at the reception desk. Courtesy, professionalism and the distinction of Ferrari…

Rooms are well equipped and decorated in a modern style. The minibar is full of beverages, candies, snacks.


The self-service restaurant, is on the other hand the only point I would like to see improved. The food served is industrial, not really incarnating Italian gastronomy. Except for pizzas, that are handmade upon request by the pizzaiolo ! And they are pretty good ! Staff at the bar and self-service is welcoming and extremely nice.

Attention is paid to details. At the bar, drinking a Spritz or cocktail, you will be offered free mini club-sandwiches’ and petit fours, which is delicate enough to be mentioned.


For a hundred euros this hotel is worth it for a solo, family or business stay. The night here is extremely relaxing, bed is super comfy, I had the feeling to sleep in a huge soft cloud bed!

Maranello Village is a superb hotel 10/20!

To summarize an incredible experience:

-free parking, free wifi

-large super clean rooms!

-comfortable bed

-minibar included

-free shuttle to the museums

-located at 3km of Maranello

-very generous breakfast

-bar, restaurant and shop on site

-free fitness access

-a place to BE for Ferrari fans

What to visit in one day in Modena and Maranello?

Ferrari Museums

Total immersion in the Mondo Rosso wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Ferrari Museums.

The most emotional one, is la Casa Enzo Ferrari, where it all began… Enzo’s soul and aura is still engraved in there, this museum offers the history of Ferrari throughout ages. Tears will surely come to your eyes when you’ll discover the little red supercar’s Father’s history. Lots of emotion will go through your heart, passion, excitement, racing fever, but also the respect and gratitude for what this Signore has accomplished. From the little 8 years old boy dreaming of a red car, to the empire he built, devoting his life to passion, excellence, performance. I could stay in this museum for days, I would still discover something new and learn from Enzo’s know-how.

The second museum is more of the factory’s racing history, displaying all the cars created, their technical evolutions, a tribute to the racers and the amazing performances accomplished. What is interesting though, is that the exhibitions’ themes change regularly in both museums, so that you can come back and discover new stories! We have already been there 4 times…and can’t get enough of it.


I haven’t much to say about these museums, except that they will steal a part of your heart and will never give it back, passion is at its apex there. Ferrari are more than supercars, they are handmade with passion and excellence and are a testimonial of Enzo’s passion for racing legacy and a true heaven for classic and vintage collection cars lovers.

Casa Enzo Ferrari Modena

Book your tickets to the MEF (Museo Enzo Ferrari)

Ferrari Museum in Maranello


Book you tickets to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Shall I mention that a visit to Maranello is not fully complete if you don’t drive a Ferrari! Read next travel escape to drive the wheel through my eyes! Let the engine ROAAAARR!