Travel Escape: a wanderlust guide to capture the best of Italy – Maranello – Ferrari California-T Test Drive



Shall I mention that a visit to Maranello is not fully complete if you don’t drive a Ferrari!

Elegance, sportivity and exclusivity: Drive a Ferrari

So in order to end-up your day in a very pleasant manner…I kindly invite you to book your test drive from Pitlane Red Passion Maranello. Located nearby the Ferrari museum, on the way to the factory, you will be welcomed by a team of passionate people who will help you choose the Ferrari that will be suit your test drive choice. From 10 minutes to an entire day, many formulas are proposedand start at 90€.

Don’t forget to add 20€ per additional guest, 10€ per printed picture, 30€ for the onboard video with GoPro.

The choice is yours: test drive is available on the road or even on track, you can choose both.

At Pitlane Red Passion, the staff is more than welcoming, you will find free service beverages, candies, a “lounge” corner to enjoy the red world surrounding you. All the questions you might have will be answered. The photograph, co-driver and the entire team are very helpful and friendly so that your experience is a pure motorsport’s pleasure to dive in! I would recommend you to book your experience with them, they’ll make it truly UNIQUE. If you are short in budget, the 10 minutes drive will be  for sure the best 10 minutes in your lifetime!

Pitlane Red Passion Maranello gallery

We have chosen a ride in the California T, convertible, a truly modern version of this elegant and stylish sportscar.


This model is an absolute favorite for grand touring aficionados. The front-engine, the convertible hardtop offers all the grace and power of the red legend.

This model is overflowing with innovation and will easily meet the demands of the most discerning customers looking not only for thrills behind the wheel, but also a GT with exceptional comfort suitable for everyday use.

After a short briefing with Marc our co-driver, let’s seat behind the wheel… and discover this handmade jewel. Craftsmanship at its pinnacle, this legendary supercar embodies the art of handmade in Italy, the Italian know-how. It’s a very emotional moment, actually, to me driving such a supercar remains a privilege but also a tribute to the teams that have managed to build such a unique four wheels jewel.


Let’s start the engine …. the exhaust gives us a sweet hoarse melody, it purrs like a lion ready to pounce. We are off to discover the streets of Maranello, we pass the factory (sorry I meant THE FACTORY!), and follow Marc, our guide’s instructions who lets me drive freely.

He even allows me some beautiful acceleration, safely and quietly. This supercar is a sublime jewel to drive, but also concentrates high technologies at its core. I am impressed by its ease of handling and ease in everyday life. She adapts to the driver, and the type of road. The performances you can expect are there.

We feel the engine’s responsiveness, the instant reactivity to orders, fulfilling a true performance. An impressive torque, an emblematic sound (exhaust melody…) and a super performance of the turbo engine…ROAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!

This California T has a striking silhouette, sharp lines on an aesthetics point of view…but from the inside, well wrapped into the comfortable seats, long weekends on the road become even more appealing and seductive…let’s head to our next destination!

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