Travel Escape: a wanderlust guide to capture the best of Italy – Lake Como


Make yourself comfortable, grab a glass of Spritz, and let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of the Italian Dolve Vita …

This trip is an invitation to Lifestyle. Discover the splendors of Italy, from Lake Como as starting point, this trip to the heart of northern Italy will take you to Modena, to the blue lagoon of romantic Venice, and will end on the golden hills of Liguria. I choose to feature only 4 hotels in order to give you the main places where you can stay while visiting Northern Italy. Otherwise this post would be toooo long!

Art, culture, gastronomy, art of living, quite simply, Italy offers you what it has more enchanting : natural wonders and a glimpse of historic charm.

I have seen landscapes that are jewels of nature, treasures of history and architecture, even the smallest villages have that little extra something that will make your heart melt. Italians are more than charming, and make everything to offer the most exquisite stay possible. Italy as a whole should be recognized has a world wonder.

Our getaway starts at Lake Como. Enclosed like a precious gemstone in the setting of the alpine arc, it offers to Italy its most beautiful landscapes, an exceptional panorama imprinted with an history of nobility.

Veronica Cottage : the luxury of a « feel at home » stay


My own enchanting part of the stay, is of course located in the best place to stay in order to enjoy vacations at Lake Como.

On top of the hill, located at 7 minutes from Lake Como, a little paradise called Veronica Cottage is awaiting you. This is a house that is perfect for a family stay or to share with friends.

The Junior Suite or Deluxe offer absolute comfort. Rooms are big enough to host 2 to 3 people thanks to the sofa bed.

Each room has a living room area, mini bar is included and displays drinks, snacks, a coffee/tea machine is left at your disposal.

The bathroom is spacious enough with Italian shower, guests’ soaps, bath foam and shampoo are offered.

The rooms are ultra clean, and a particular attention is paid to decoration so that you feel at home.

Luxury service is provided by the Staff all day long.

Breakfast is generous and composed of fresh food mostly with local products… that taste so yummy ! I remember the homemade figue jam ! Tastes so good !

The garden offers the possibility to host your outdoor event : family barbecue, private event, or simply enjoy a breakfast by the pool side.

The size of the pool is amazing, and this is the better part of your day. After spending a day visiting Como, you can enjoy a relaxing moment at the pool with your family and friends, feeling at home. The area is super quiet, the view on hills and nature is mind soothing. Perfect for leisure tourism for those of you who want to come back home after visiting Milan, Como and the surroundings.


I will not detail again the benefits of a stay at the Veronica Cottage. I have been seduced and conquered months ago, my review is still available if you want to know more about this little heaven. I can only recommend you to read it, and book your stay!

VERONICA COTTAGE, an Italian heaven holiday near Lake Como

Visit Lake Como in one day


Our visit starts with a sun-kissed walk on the lake’s river, sitting on a bench enjoying the breathtaking view on the deep blue lagoon…drinking a “granita”. Take a deep breath, enjoy the magnificent view, time is at a standstill. Eventhough there are many people and tourists here, the air is calm and quiet, people respect each other, and you can enjoy your day in a peaceful atmosphere. If you want to spend the entire day on the lake side, getting suntanned, several food trucks offer paninis, salads or cheap food and beverages.


Como is reputed for its « jet set » side, if you are looking for long walks at the heart of nature, or hunting for historic treasures, you are more than welcome at Lake Como.

The old city harbor possesses many cafés and gelateria, to taste some of the best italian ice creams in a lifetime. Luxury stores and fashion designer brands are a must If you are looking of a luxurious lifestyle experience.



The lake is surrounded by a park, from there, you can enjoy walking on the pond, admiring yachts, a view of Piazza Cavour, and head to the Volta museum, a tribute to Alessandro Volta.


The most important monument to visit in Como is the Cathedral located on the magnificent Piazza Duomo. This cathedral impresses by its size and the details of its architecture that combine gothic features, Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque breathtaking elements when you’ll visit the inside.



Staying in the area of Lake Como, allows you to visit Bellagio, Milan, Monza, and even Modena if you want to spend your holidays on the format one day one place to visit.

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