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First of all, I would like to thank Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty for sending me the new #VelvetNoir mascara to test and review. Eventhough I already published my opinion on Sephora France, Twitter or on instagram, I decided that I would complement it by adding a product review on this blog, so that you all girls have access to it and can decide whether or not this is worth adding it to your summer beauty shopping list.

Eventhough I received this product as a free gift, as usual, my review is honest and true to my ethics as a cruelty-free blogger. Well, that being said…let’s have a LOOK at this mascara !

You might be skeptical, or simply like me totally surprised, but YES MARC JACOBS is a cruelty-free brand !!! You can imagine how relieving it is for me to know this info ! It means I will be able to catch up with all their latest products !!! And guess what ?? Of course I will introduce them to you !

In my experience, this Marc Jacobs mascara sticks to its promises and marketing campaign.

Let’s have a closer look to the packaging : all black (velvet black I shall say !)…minimalist, chic. I like the tube with facets, it’s original and perfect to hold the brush ! The size of the tube is bigger than other brands on the same segment. The simplicity of the packaging puts the emphasis on the product itself.


My test period of this mascara lasts for more than a week. On a daily basis, I switched from my vegan Benecos mascara to Marc Jacobs Beauty to give you a fully detailed review.

The advertising campaign claims instant volume, a maximum lashes density and a spectacular look in a minute. Often advertising pictures are edited, and models wear lashes extensions.

So, don’t be mistaken. You will NEVER get the exact same lashes as in the ad, except if you wear faux lashes or extensions and add the mascara layer on top of it !

At the moment, I don’t wear lashes extensions anymore, my brows are pretty thin, I loose them, and I’ve got a cold for two weeks…therefore my « spectacular look » will not be at its best. But you’ll have an honest view of the result.


From my experience with #VelvetNoir, yes you get the instant volume ! The soft brush displays a thin layer of creamy, super soft and silky mascara, separating lashes one by one. I really love when my lashes get volume and get curly without using any tools. #VelvetNoir instantly covers lashes from their base to the top, creating a sassy look in a natural manner. The texture is really melting on your lashes, like a second skin. This is a bit surprising first, the texture is really halfway between super silky wax and cream.


I am extremely impressed by the spectacular darkness of the black mascara. It’s deep never fading black. The ultra pigmentation reinforces the sassy effect on the final look.

The advertising campaign claims a durable non smudging mascara, and I am happy to tell you that from morning to night this mascara does its job well ! I am pretty generous on the layers applied, it doesn’t smudge at all.


When it comes to remove makeup, gently swipe it with cotton and it’s gone in a blink. No panda dark circles, or any leaking traces.

IMG_5289I really love the final « intense look » that I obtain, with lashes density effect. It « opens up » my eyes. This mascara really offers haute couture for lashes, as if it was directly made from the catwalk for us.

This mascara brings a glimpse of intensity to your makeup with a high end, long lasting formula. On a daily basis I wear it almost with bare skin. No foundation, I simply put on some eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, and Velvet Noir to have a more intense look, this is perfect for summer time.

I am more than happy to recommend this mascara to you, I hope my review will be helpful. I would definitely add it to my beauty purse essentials !

You can shop it from Sephora – 27,50€

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