Luxury beauty routine to feel like a goddess: Quartz Treatment Elixir in action!



Hello Grazia e Gioia Gorgeous!

I’m sure you all dreamed of a beauty routine that would make your skin feel like it has been kissed by a rose…


Before feeling like a goddess, or like Cleopatra…you have to follow a morning and nighttime beauty routine that will tune up your complexion and fortify your skin, make it stronger, healthier and younger!

How to look younger in 6 weeks? I’ll give you my beauty secret!

This is a non-sponsored post, I received a free sample of QTELIXIR worth $AUS137, in exchange of an authentic review. I am using this treatment since I received it and would like to share my enthusiasm with you. As stated regularly, I don’t review or use products I don’t appreciate. If I enjoy having some products featured on my blog, into my reviews, this is because I like them, and I assume you might like to discover them too!

That being said, let’s go back to our beauty talk! On a daily basis, if you want to improve your skin’s health and texture, recommend to follow the basic three steps morning and nighttime beauty regime that helps building a healthy skin complexion.

What are the essential steps of a 5 minutes beauty routine?

  • Cleansing/Detoxifying: the basic washing you face
  • Skin toning: helps sooth and hydrate the skin while restoring its pH balance
  • Nourrish and Moisturize: smoothing your skin

Cleansing and toning your skin are essential to keep your skin healthy and get that teenager’s peachy fresh look (yes ! even in your 40s you are still a beautiful young teenager inside !).

I have pushed my daily facial skincare routine a step further, turning it into a true beauty queen ritual.

I have recently introduced luxurious natural oils as part of my anti-ageing daily facial treatment.


As stated above, I received a pretty package from Australia, which was the case of a small precious bottle containing a natural oil in which gems were infused.

The Quartz Treatment Elixir, “QTELIXIR” provides an extra boost to natural skin, hair, and nails!

Natural oils enter in action to play an excellent 3-in-1 skin care role: as cleaners, toners and moisturizers. All in three does true miracles!

IMG_2809What’s the Quartz Treatment Elixir?

Formulated with a unique Gemstone Technology Mineral Infusion to stimulate cellular productivity for healthy, well oxygenated cells, giving new life to ageing skin. QTELIXIR is a unique combination of certified organic and wildcrafted botanical ingredients, creating a powerful face elixir which helps to diminish the effects of ageing.

How does the QTELIXIR work?

QTELIXIR’s unique Gemstone Technology Mineral Infusion, captures the rich sources of minerals and trace elements of the specially selected gemstones, creating a power packed elixir, when applied to the skin it reacts to their crystalline energy to, further calm, soothe, rejuvenate, detoxify and reverse ageing of the skin, targeting; wrinkles, free radical damage, age spots, elasticity, cell rejuvenation and the complexion overall.


How to boost your daily beauty ritual?

When I used it the first time, my first thought was: “It smells so good! It’s like it brings the flowers fields to my skin”! The delicate rose scent is the first contact with this serum, this is a refreshing and pleasant moment. It makes me dive into my own wellness moment, you know a self-dedicated capsule out of the world.

After using it for the past two weeks, every morning, every evening on a cleansed skin, and with lots of good intentions for myself while applying it, I have noticed a great improvement of my skin’s complexion.

I am in a lack of sleep period, hardworking, no time for myself, extremely tired, and my skin tends to be dull and to show off to the rest of the world this extreme fatigue! So I didn’t expect any skincare to do miracles.

After massaging the first few drops of QTELIXIR, I noticed that my skin seemed soothed, firmer, a fresh complexion, and above all it was more luscious! (no photoshop on the above and below pics of my tattooed skin).


And you know what feels best with this luxury oil care ??? This feeling like your cheeks have been kissed by a rose ! It’s amazingly pleasant, the fragrance on your skin is durable, the skin is naturally glowy not “greasy”. It enhances my suntanned skin, and the “golden” effect that we love so much for a summer look. I also apply a few drops on my hair, very dry and damaged by many hair makeovers, I also hydrate my nails every day, as they receive UV gel coat manicures…In two weeks only my hair is much smoother, like rejuvenated, my nails are longer and grow stronger.

The very girly and luxurious details are in the way oil is encapsulated.

Each bottle is delicately powered with its own unique gemstone, offering its own antiageing qualities and designed to encourage you to make a daily positive intention. My little precious bottle was filled with LOVE…I keep it as a beauty treasure that makes me feel divine!


Okay after two weeks my skin doesn’t look 10 years younger! But I will keep using this precious beauty elixir and in a few weeks will post the results on my instagram with no “smooth” filter! Authenticity is at the core of my values to run this blog, therefore I hope, you girls will al be there to witness this moment!

Beauty with Power Daily Ritual:

  1. 8 – 10 drops into the palms of your hands (I doubled the recommended dose of course! Be generous girls!!)
  2. Gently rub palms together to activate
  3. Press palms over your face, neck and décolletage, breathing in as you set your daily intention
  4. Massage gently into skin, following the direction of the muscle fibres.

Skin: Use morning and/or evening, on its own or under moisturizer, may be worn under makeup. Hair: Apply to mid length to ends of either wet or dry hair. Convenient for all skin types!

The oil consistency is light, and is absorbed quickly by your skin, leaving it smooth, silky, but absolutely not oily!

The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your complexion and bring positive changes to yourself. This beauty secret ritual helps fortify your skin.

Please, Ladies, to be gorgeous takes time, so to reap the benefits, you should be patient at least at least 3 to 6 weeks for your skin to show the benefits of this beauty power skincare.

My global opinion, is that since I tried QTELIXIR, I swear by face oils infused with gemstones! QTELIXIR is incredible and has totally changed my skin for the better. Qtelixir is a natural beauty products with a scent that I love so much, that I will continue to use it regularly. The shipping to France was super fast, the customer service provides high end and very welcoming service. I am more than happy to share this beauty secret with you girls, and I hope you’ll love it too!

Lastly, as you know I am a green beauty blogger, cruelty-free advocate, specializing in vegan and organic skincare, makeup and cosmetics in general. I love to test products! Brands! I am here! test on me! Not animals!! 🙂

Therefore I am pleased to inform you that QTELIXIR not only is efficient, but has a strong ethical commitment.

IMG_2872Not Tested on Animals – Chemical Free – No sulfates – No Parabens – No Phtalates – No synthetic fragrances – No PEG’s – No SLS’s –

2% of every purchase is given back to charities protecting children and animals around the world

Select from Foundational Stones of Rose Quartz ‘Love’; Clear Quartz ‘I AM’ or Black Obsidian ‘Courage’

Individual Creations which are powered by a unique ‘birthstone’ gemstones are also available  


Tell me about your experience! Do you like this skincare concept? What gemstone infused oil would you love to try?


    • thanks Katie! I’m trying to offer my readers a little wellness bubble in which they ‘ll feel good. 🙂 I loved this elixir so much I will order some more! It does true miracles on my ageing skin 🙂


    • it is! not only you’ll keep the little bottle afterwards, but you’ll see the effects on your skin!! I will order other types of gemstones in the weeks to come and will post it on my instagram with a view of my skin! 🙂 if you try it out! tell me what you think!


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