Pawjammys for Bullies : when your Pitbull is a fashion “Bullista”…


Hellooowww Lovelies !!

Today I decided to write a very special article for a cause that is very special to me.

Being the proud and happy Mom of several adopted puppies and kitties, I also am an advocate for the bully breed.

I would like to introduce you to INK, my Baby Bubull as I love to call her. She’s a Bull Terrier/PitBull mix and most of all a 4 years old baby girl that means the world to me.

Four years ago, when we adopted her with my fiancé, we made her a promise: that she will be cherished and treated like a princess, that we will give her not only love and a forever home and family, but that she will receive the best care she could receive.

She has a funny personality, sometimes we feel like we live with a cartoon character! The “princess” part of her character is really our daily sunshine. She doesn’t have the usual type of dog attitude… she loves to sit on her Royal chair, lying on the couch striking the pose to watch TV…or have a special talk with us when she wants a specific plush toy, or attention. And mainly with Ink you never have personal space anymore! Wherever you are…there she is!! She participates actively to any important moments of life: cooking, bathing, sleeping… and has 15 minutes per day devoted to belly massage while listening to yoga music to relax!


She loves to play with her brother Harley the cat, and before with her sister Nalah the Bunny, who raised her. Yes…the dwarf bunny raised our bully! That’s how it works in our home, there’s love for everyone, even for the smallest living creature!

Living in France for the past 4 years, it’s been pretty difficult to find cute jammies or outfits for our little darling. When it comes to fashion, she loves to be trendy…Have you ever asked yourself What am I gonna wear today? I have nothing to wear! (looking at your dresses in your wardrobe)….well…so does Ink!! She likes to be pampered and pretty!

She is very sensitive to cold, in the winter, and during the summer as she is white, she needs specific solar protection and T-shirts to protect her fragile skin from sun rays. So having her dressed like a little child is not only for a fashion purpose, it is before all for her comfort. First I thought she’d be uncomfortable with it… NOT AT ALL!! With her first jammies looking like a huge green frog with a chubby belly (yeah…a FAT FROGGY!), she started to parade inside our home as if she was on the catwalk. “Yeah Momma!! I feel so pretty! Look at my PAWFECT allure!! Mirror Mirror on the wall, I know I’m the cutest bully of them all!” (YES! she also loves to stare at her own reflection in the mirror…).


My furry baby doesn’t like much the rain, or dirty paws, she plays in the garden but like a girl… sunbathing… smelling flowers…watching the neighbor’s cat…pretending she guards the home, napping in the sun… Her favorite activity being to stretch herself on the sofa to nap while watching TV, you’ll easily understand that she won’t damage her clothes that much. She’s a princess after all!

As long as she was a puppy I could find cute outfits on websites for bulldogs. But now that she’s an adult, here in France there’s absolutely nothing for bullies or large dogs breeds.

Luckily, I’ve found most of her winter handknitted outfits in the USA, in Utah. And thanks to facebook, I discovered a super brand called Staffy Clothing, located in Victoria, Australia, that handcrafts super ultra cute jammies for all the bullies! Size S to XXL! Yes Madam! Your baby is a giant? No problem! Staffy Clothing provides a custom made service, you only have to contact them directly and send your baby’s measures. That might be at an extra cost, but your baby will have a perfect fit jammy of its own.


Staffy Clothing is a brand run by Denzel’s Mum, who started providing Pawjammys to her own babies and some rescued staffys.


She also donates to charities fighting against animal cruelty and to rescue organizations. So when you make a purchase, you know you are contributing to making a difference.

From the popcorn printed fabric for cinema lovers to the unicorn jammies, the pink fluffly or the SO British Tartan… I fell in love with them all! You can find all styles to suit your baby’s personality: skulls for goths, cartoon characters for babies, unicorns, pink and crowns for your princess, supporters’ hoodies if your baby loves sports…

Your baby is more into the Boho Chic, Puppachella vibes? No worries! Staffy Clothing has a collection of colorful ponchos too starting from $30!

You’ll find a wide range of choice and many outfits that will not only make your baby fancy, comfy and warm, but that will be an “UNBULLY-vable” twist of fashion and style!


I’ve ordered the unicorn and the pink fluffly jammies, and was amazed by the quality of the fabric, the super kindness of Denzel’s Mum. The outfits are perfect whether it is in size, or quality of the fabric, the texture is super soft, like a blanket, my baby will be kept warm during her sweet dreams, and she will be stylish too!


The fabric is made of super soft coral fleece and basic fleece, this is a super velvety fabric, very comfortable.The texture will make you wanna cuddle your baby all day long.

My baby, Ink is a size L, 56cm from neck to tail, the jammys perfectly suit her curves and chubby belly… (she’s working hard on her summer body…).

The jammies perfectly cover up her back so she is kept warm while sleeping or moving, sleeves are adjusted to her size and don’t hinder any moves, she can play, run in the garden, or take her favorite sleeping postures without being uncomfortable. These fabrics also resist playing in the backyard or outdoor activities for the most active pups.

These jammies act literally like a second skin.

When it comes to “wee”… no problem! Your baby can remain stylish while doing her little “things”, striking the pose like a princess… the jammies are a bit shorter underneath.

Shipping worldwide and super fast delivery: a must!

Regarding the price, the cost depends on the fabric and size, it starts at $40 up to $55 for the most luxurious fluffy and tartan outfits (that are really worth the purchase). Yes this is a budget, but this is a handmade durable premium quality outfit, totally worth the purchase.

Staffy Clothing: proudly worn and approved by INK BABY BUBULL!




Do you like to shop outfits for your baby too?? Please tell me everything below in your comments!

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    • oh thank you!!! what’s great with these jammies is that they have it for Poodles to Dogos! all our babies can have a cute jammy no matter their size. this is what I appreciate because here large size dogs or even cats don’t have outfits.


  1. Oh gosh she is beautiful!! You’re so lucky to be blessed with these amazing beings. I’m not a dog owner yet but I feel when I finally get into a position to adopt a dog I will be so happy!! The dog jammies are adorable!! 😍 xxx


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