Top 4 natural skincare must-haves for a glowy fresh skin on summer holidays!


Girls…vacay are straight ahead! In a few weeks, you will be enjoying a well-deserved summer break, lying on a paradise island beach…sunbathing…and exposing your skin to major threats!

I’ve done shopping for you! I’ve made a selection of the TOP 4 Grazia e Gioia girls’ vanity’s must-haves to take good care of your skin this summer!

Again, being on holidays doesn’t mean you have to give up your beauty routine! On the contrary, your skin being exposed to the sun, sea salt, or wind…it will need extra nurture in order to keep being healthy and fully hydrated until autumn (you know to avoid those little dry wrinkles on the face after getting suntanned too much with inappropriate skincare…).

Being in my hometown for a few days off, I took the time to shop a few new cruelty-free and natural skincare products at the pharmacy shop to prepare my skin for the summer.

Thanks to a pharmaceutical know-how, they have created top-of-the-range high-performance cosmetic treatments combining formula efficiency, comfort, texture refinement and container aesthetics at a price accessible to all. These cosmetics are a pure beauty lust, and gluttony sin! (They smell like the sweetest sweets ever!)

The pharmacy “Les Marronniers” chose a French manufacturer producing for the biggest luxury brands and cosmetics.


All cosmetic treatments are exclusively made in FRANCE and non-tested on animals, which is my ABSOLUTE ETHICAL PRIORITY. No sufferings or death needed to be beautiful. But these cosmetics have an extra value to me:


Because you don’t need petroleum chemicals to create outstanding cosmetics! Beauty looks even more fabulous when it’s natural and not harmful for any living creature!

That being said…

I’ve made a selection of the top 4 products any girl must have in her vanity this summer on order to keep her skin fabulously healthy and glowy.


1- Exfoliating and Purifying Magic Milk Gel – € 15.99 

  • Scrub that is perfectly adapted to a gentle exfoliation.
  • The skin is purified and thoroughly cleansed without irritation.
  • Soooo velvety and creamy!

It is a scrub that rids the epidermis of dead cells thanks to the microchips of Litchi. This treatment turns into milk during rinsing to leave on the skin a moisturizing film. The richness of this gel, its incredibly sweet sweetness that nourishes and delights the skin makes your skin feel like pure silk.

The Cotton Extract leaves a fresh, delicate and subtle scent on nourished and hydrated skin. Litchi Stone Shards are ideal for gentle exfoliation. The skin texture is refined.

Massage by circular motions to eliminate both tensions and dead cells. Rinses easily with a sponge or shower, and turns into milk to leave a moisturizing film on the skin.

I use it twice a week before applying the anti ageing Strawberry mask. It helps plump my skin when it becomes too dry.

2- Anti ageing Fresh Strawberry Mask – 19,99 €

An ideal mask to do after a good scrub.


Creamy, it soothes the skin and gives it shine (the promises are kept!).

  • Cream strawberry mask ideal for gently purifying the skin and revitalizing it.
  • Mask pleasure, the strawberry releasing on the skin its perfume with sweet notes for a deeply greedy care.
  • Rich in tannins that improve radiance and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Their astringent virtues make this mask a purifying care, improving the radiance of the complexion.
  • Antioxidant power to fight free radicals and cellular aging.

This pastel pink mask is made of fresh strawberry pulp, to bring vitamins to your skin. This is ideal to purify and replenish your skin. Symbol of sensual pleasures, strawberry is a prestigious fruit, which offers your skin its refined scent for the most gourmet treatment.

In order to be efficient, this mask should be used twice a week. Simply apply on your skin and let it gently operate during 15 minutes, then rinse.

This mask is refreshing, and highly performant. For a durable smooth and replenished skin!

3- Cream Hydraconfort 22 ‘ – 25,99€

This cream does miracles for a plumped skin, perfectly nourished and hydrated, which, day after day, shines with health, for an immediate and lasting shine.


  • Very complete care composed of 22 constituents stimulating a rapid regeneration of the dermal tissue and improving its elasticity
  • Cell activator protecting the epidermis from external aggressions and significantly improving its appearance
  • Hyaluronic acid low molecular weight so excellent penetration into the skin
  • Elimination of dead skin cells, restores freshness and vivacity to the complexion, firms skin tissues, and brings a velvety touch to the skin.

A cream with a rich composition, with a silky texture that ensures your skin a balanced, intense and prolonged hydration. With this cream, all the focus is on hydration and shine!

Organic apricot kernel oil and stabilized vitamin C, powerful antioxidants for the skin, effectively regenerate the epidermis and significantly reduce the signs of skin aging for an incomparable glow while giving the skin all its flexibility and elasticity.

4- Powerful Serum with Argireline 28,99€

img_1263.jpgA “Botox-like” Serum with a light and fresh texture, a silky touch that acts on all the signs of skin aging. The skin is restructured, redensified, and firmer.

In-depth reduction of expression lines and helps prevent their appearance.

Full of powerful anti-aging active ingredients, this serum has proven ability to revitalize skin cells, it restores freshness and vivacity to the complexion, firms skin tissues, and brings a velvety touch to the skin.

I use it twice a day, in the morning before makeup and evening after cleansing on the face and neck.

The only disadvantage of these products: their high price! 90,26€ for these 4 products is way too high! Healthy skincare should remain affordable for all.


I’ve made this selection for myself, taking into account my own beauty routine. However, to remain on a reasonable budget, you can combine only two of these items in order to keep your skin healthy and glowy for the summer.

The anti ageing strawberry mask, goes well with the Cream 22’. The serum goes along well with cream 22’, both combined will really improve the texture of your skin.

Let’s consider the mask and scrub as little “extras”. J

You can shop their entire collection of skin and body care here


Hope you enjoyed this review and that this will help you prepare your beauty case for the holidays!

What will the Grazia and Gioia girls take in their vanity this summer??? What will be your beauty routine essentials?

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