The art of beauty ritual encapsulated in a bath bomb…



Let’s succeed in the art of beauty ritual !

I am talking about giving back to this privileged moment, all the refinement and all the positive and soothing benefits that our body and mind might take from it.

The art of beauty starts with the millennial ritual of bath …

Taking a bath is an ancient ritual that allows spiritual fulfillment while washing and purifying the body.

One indulges in the finer things in life that escape from the list of daily desires.

This is a journey that I will try to take you in with me in this review. I invite you to elevate this routine to an ART with scents, salts, refreshing super fizzy bath bombs and more to make ritual a healthful moment.

Ursula lives in New Mexico and has a passion for spreading happiness and wellness. She handcrafts bath bombs, sea salts, pours essential oils, rose petals, crystal vibes like a beauty guru for our only selfish pleasure to indulge our senses with her organic vegan and spa quality bath collections.

I have received a beautiful package, filled with Unicorn vibes and colorful wrapping paper, a little handwritten note on a paper diamond…(feeling like a beauty queen at that very moment!). The bath bombs made it to Europe! None of them was hurt! Each was carefully individually sealed to protect them during the flight.

I received a sample of Nihilisme Beauty’s most popular bath items.

Ursula was kind enough to add some Easter’s Bunny set of bombs, and Easter eggs as she crafted all this for me at that time.

Though modern day spas with their saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, natural pools, hot springs and mineral baths are once increasingly popular, the Nihilisme Beauty collections help celebrate this nurturing, healthful, rejuvenating practice at home.


Nihilisme Beauty takes the Ritual of bathing to another level as the bath bombs are infused with healthful products such as Epsom salt, Dead Sea Salt, aromatic Bath Oils that de-stress and detoxify.


The products are gentle, beautiful and fabulous for the skin. Handmade so there will be variation in the appearance but never in the quality. I have a particular affection for handcrafted items, they are made with the soul…

Ursula puts a lot of effort in the design of her products, bath salts are presented in tubes covered with gemstones (yeah!!! UNICORN vibes when opening it, Babes!), bath bombs are colorful, and are all filled with rose petals, confetti, stars… anything to make you feel like a unicorn!

They are appealing and glam, and perfect to decorate a bathroom.


Their scents are incredibly powerful, they diffuse a fragrance inside the entire bathroom. I really like candy like fragrances…so you can easily imagine the candyfloss/coconut/tropical scents all over my home!

Once your bath is ready and you let the bath bomb diffuse all its scents, oils and benefits, you feel like entering the magic kingdom… the super fizzy bomb opens to unveil its heart full of little rainbow stars, confetti, or rose petals… If you live in a girly world like I do, you will appreciate this supreme kind attention from your sender. MAGIC KINGDOM!!!

The Items I tested and reviewed:


-Tropical breeze donuts

You just want bite into these cute delicacies  made of coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter…they smell so good, and the skin is literally rejuvenated after the bath ! The tropical fragrance is so sweet, it takes you to a paradise island of wellness…

-“GRAZIA E GIOIA” Mermaid heart shaped bombs (my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of course!)

Coconut, orchid, lavender, Himalayan pink salt…not only these cuties will scent your entire house…but they also take good care of your body and soul.

These Mermaid hearts while melting will cleanup your energy, help balance your emotions, nurture and refresh your skin…


-Fizzing Palo Santo Bath salts

These amazing salts were handmade with lots of love and compassionate intentions under the moon of the spring equinox. These salts include Palo Santo distilled oil extract, as well as moisturizing oils, Epsom salts, and fresh essential oil.

Mint and lavender extract are perfect for helping sore muscles or to help achieve your true inner power.

-Heart shaped Natural Rose Cream


This beautiful heart has coconut and rose extract within its heart… beautiful rose petals will sprinkle your bath, making it an absolute heavenly moment to cherish yourself. Once again, the fragrance is amazing, and extremely durable!

-Orchid/Coconut Easter Eggs

Super fizzy experience with confetti and little rainbow stars melting when the egg opens its heart! Absolutely lovely! Perfect for children too!

-Tropical Easter’s Bunnies

Smells like you are in an exotic paradise… please leave me here! They are small but super scented and hydrating for skin. I also noticed an improved sleep.

Ursula puts a lot of kindheartedness into her bath products and you can see it from the little parcel you receive until the moment you use the bath bombs. She does it with a lot of care and good intentions.

Once into the warm water, the bombs melt in a minute! The super extra fizziness makes it a childish moment…you look at all the colors melting and diffusing a magic scent, with sparkle in your eyes…


After using these bath bombs I have noticed an improved sleep, my skin is replenished, soft and silky smooth, smells like candy, this scent is pretty durable.


However, when using products containing essential oils, please be careful…do not remove your face makeup with the bath’s water…it might cause allergic reaction due to oils that are extremely powerful… Yes Girls…if I mention it…means I did it… This is the reason why I prefer to warn you.


My overall opinion on these cute bath bombs and gemstone salts: I would rate it 5 STARS!

-Cruelty-Free Handcrafted with Love and Organic (a true added value to me!)

-Top quality of the bombs

– Perfect size, well decorated, girly and glam

-Durable scent, skin smooth and hydrated

-Positive benefits for body and soul


-Super fast shipping!

I would like to thank Ursula, Nihilisme Beauty for her kindness, she has made my bath time a pure heaven for senses. She has taken good care of me, and has done a perfect follow-up on her products.

This bath experience is really elevated to an Art! I’m really a sweet candy scents lover, I was more than happy with these bath products, they are elegant, for those I don’t want to use because they are so beautiful, I keep them as a glamour bathroom decor!


I will soon order some sugar body scrub and Epsom salt… I’ve seen them on Esty!

If you want to make your beauty ritual an ART…you can shop them all here:

And you, Girls? How do you like your bath??    What do you add to make it special?

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    • I’m sure you’ll love them! I really take bath seriously… I am saving them as much as I can!! ahahah!! they smell so good in my bathroom! I don’t wanna see them melt in a fizzy explosion! ahah!


  1. These are beautiful bath bombs! I might have to gift these to some of my friends who enjoy bath bombs!


    • Oh thank you! yes they are beautiful, and most of all they totally bring something authentic. it’s a small bit of nature into a bath bomb 🙂 I loved testing them all! ahah!


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