50 shades of Pink ! Chic and Trendy Summer Look for $100



Summer is coming ! Let’s unpack our mini-shorts and dresses to conquer the world! Girls you know we rule the world, but to rule with style… we need some summer shopping first!

As every year, the upcoming summer is the perfect opening to do some shopping. We renew our wardrobe with the season’s features, and compose a look that will rock the hell out!

You still have no idea what to buy? This is why Grazia e Gioia was created: to inspire you! I carefully observe the looks of fashion influencers, new trends, to then help you to wear it and what to associate it with.

Once again this year, denim jeans remain a basic. You can wear it with crop top or light blouses. And by combining the denim shorts with high trends, you make it completely stylish again!

The mini skirt is still a classic this year, whether worn with sneakers or wedge sneakers.

This summer the Grazia e Gioia Girl, like any other girl in the world, is at the image of her wardrobe: sparkling and resolute, inventive and daring. Solar. Floral print, pastel tones…lots of dusty pink…


We have already mentioned some of the absolute must haves in your closet this summer such as the denim, crop top, the pantsuit, or bodysuit.

Regarding color, you can choose between pastel shades proposed by fashion trends for spring summer 2018 on women’s clothing but also on summer shoes. If last summer was 100% metallic, it’s lamé’s turn to rock the summer fashion pieces like dresses, shoes, and shorts ! My favorite color is of course the stylish pastel dust pink.

As stated by Vogue… fashion for women this summer will unveil a femininity full of punch and spontaneity, realistic breath creating a season-specific profile, celebrating individuality and style.

Pink is noble but purple is a breakthrough, organza brings a dose of poetry, shorts have become an essential.

Marshmallow, fuchsia, raspberry, crimson, candy floss… After infusing vitamin waves on our winter dressing room, pastel and 50 shades of pink is an obvious trend in our summer wardrobe!


During a shopping afternoon, I decided to compose an outfit suggestion for you all, so that you can mix fabrics, colors and styles to create your own. I’ve really tried to gather items that can be suitable for any body type and that can match any skin shades too, so that if you have a porcelain or a beautiful chocolate skin you can enjoy my suggested look too! All girls are beautiful! Grazia e Gioia (Grace and Joy) is all you need to shine and sparkle from the inside.

I hope you will like this outfit as much I as loved shopping for you! Yes I DID!!

You can wear each item separately with any of your basics: denim, crop top, blouse, mini skirt… as you please, Ladies!

I’ve composed a complete outfit for $100 that can be stylish to go to the beach if you are in a chic mood, to dance by the pool with friends, or to attend a party, or go to the restaurant in the evening.


I really loved the collection displayed by Molly Bracken online store. It’s refreshing and romantic, girly enough to please me and those of you who like pink.

I chose a look that is totally easy-going, comfortable, soft, and that will enhance my golden caramel tanned skin. You can wear it along a nude makeup, or add some glitter and gold on your eyelids and cheeks.

This look can be accessorized with a handmade straw basket or a hat for a boho chic style.


I had a complete crush on this golden mesh top…you know how much I love gold…and PINK ! (did I mention PINK already ?)



I found it on Molly Bracken’s e-shop, and instead of 44,95€ you can now enjoy a 30% Discount, which is 31,47€ on this GOLDEN MESH TOP


The next part of shopping is on Vila’s online store.

This little VILINN STRAP KNIT TOP   (29,99€) is original, you can wear it with jeans, and easily on a daily basis.



The VIBOUDOIR AMES SHORTS (26,99€) are so pleasant and light to wear, they could also go well with a white blouse, Puma Suede Heart sneakers, or heels !





I’ve discovered the Ipanema Sandals last year…since then I cannot wear any other flip flops ! Not only their design is incredibly trendy, classy and full of creativity, but they are so comfortable for your feet ! For 20 euros they will last forever and will perfectly match the look suggested !


The pink and white sandals I chose have a little golden heart next to the Ipanema signature…this collection is called SUMMER… let your feet dive into it with a twist of elegance…

Ladies, tell me what will be your style this summer ??

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