Glam & Glow for less than $20: Cruelty-Free Makeup on a budget– Product Review


Hello Gorgeouliscious Beauties,

Summer is almost there…beauty routine is getting more intense to prepare your skin for the moments by the pool or on the beach with friends.

Well…you know that wind of summer breathing energy, smile and laughter to your daily life…I’ve put a lot of it in this product review of the week, and I really hope you’ll enjoy the makeup palette I’ll reveal in this blog post…

To get ready to unveil a few looks in the weeks to come and help you with using the best of cosmetics, the biggest part of my blogger’s job, is to research for brands that encompass all the values that are important to me when it comes to make-up or cosmetics, in order to then try to set-up a collaboration and be able to have enough products to test and review and share my vision with you.

Being a blogger who exclusively wears cruelty-free, paraben free and sometimes organic or natural beauty brands makes it more complicated to find the perfect match. You know…partnering with brands is like finding the perfect love match.

I do not want to compromise on quality or on any of my criteria. And to make the relationship durable, I must feel deep attraction for the item itself.

I am sure you already asked yourself: is there any cruelty-free and affordable makeup brand? Where can I find no paraben makeup at a fair price? Well, I think I got something for you, here, Babes!


To keep introducing you to great brands and items, I’ve been searching for brands to feature in my makeup reviews that offer the best of Glam for girls who are on a budget, who simply want the best of makeup at the best price while buying quality products, not a brand’s name.   Many of you were worried of the cost cruelty-free, paraben free or natural cosmetics may represent on a monthly budget. Therefore I’ve narrowed my research to prove that you can show the best of your beauty, including all these criteria without having to trade your soul to the devil when you don’t have a penny left in your purse.

Being on a budget doesn’t make you “ugly” or means you have to wear poor quality makeup that leaves your skin dry, damaged and with pimples. Being a glam babe on a budget means you appreciate to save some money without compromising on quality. It also means you are super demanding and need to find brands that have the ability to match your expectations and requirements. So it is for my personal research of the perfect cosmetic or makeup.


Here I am with my super affordable makeup discovery that I would like to share with you! It took a while to find a brand that reunites all my criteria (again, this is MY criteria, yours might be slightly different, I am only expressing my opinion here and sharing my discoveries with good intentions). Here it is! I think I’m in love with my new lifetime makeup best companion ever! After some research it appears that the brand respects the cruelty-free criteria. I’ve made my own research, and encourage you to make your own.

A few weeks ago I finally managed to find this type of brand that could become your “lifetime makeup companion”, diamonds are a girl’s best friend…I would say so is makeup!

I discovered Coastal Scents, and entered in collaboration with them.

They sent me a beautiful parcel filled with the brand new REVEALED 3D eye shadow palette, a selection of lipsticks, and the Pearl Brush Set containing 16 dual-toned synthetic bristles that feel like smooth silk! All these items where sent to me to help me with building-up this “made with love” product review of the week for you.

This blog being built with lots of authenticity, this product review occurs in the scope of a product’s exchange. You can consider this post is sponsored by Coastal Scents. However, do not forget that I only collaborate with brands that I value and that correspond to my ethical rules, and that I review only products I buy myself or would buy or use on a daily basis. I can only review products and brand that I trust, in order to then recommend them to you.

That being said, opening my gifts on Sunday was really feeling like Xmas time!

I felt like a spoiled child girl, with colorful presents. The turquoise parcel brought some summer vibes into my home.

In order to test these items, I’ve decided to use the Revealed 3 Eyeshadow palette and one of the lipsticks provided to create my makeup of the day, completing it with EXCLUSIVELY cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics. Because yes! You can benefit from great makeup products and cosmetics that are produced with mineral formulas, non-tested on animals and do not contain petroleum extracts at an affordable price! The more you will know about it, the more you will try to have an ethical purchase, this matters a lot to me.

My first encounter with the brand is through its packaging : simple, neat, glossy!


Coastal Scents is known for providing girls and makeup addicts with the best of glam while remaining super affordable. They create trendy and beautiful alternative palettes of premium quality, matching or sometimes even surpassing the quality of some major makeup brands at a fair price, so that no girl is left behind when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty. I would say they’re a perfect dupe for many famous brands! So if you’re not into shopping names but rather shopping quality, let’s please yourself.

On their website you can find a variety of trendy, pop and elegant palettes for the most fashionable looks. Always bear in mind that the $ that you don’t spend on makeup can be spent on shoes or clothes…(just sayin’…yes we are GIRLS …and shopping is our lifestyle !).

The #1 rule with makeup is that it shouldn’t be used to cover your skin but to enhance your natural beauty. So girls, please, take good care of your skin every day, a fresh soft and healthy skin is the perfect base before makeup. This is important so that your makeup makes you shine instead of being a cover up camouflage layer.

The summer trend straight from the catwalk to your makeup table : it’s all about sparkle ! Glitter is life, girls ! When life gives you donuts cover it with glitter, so it is with makeup … This summer the trend is incredibly shimmery, shiny, sparkly with a twist of electro-pop : pink, orange, blue, purple…

Reveal your natural beauty with the REVEALED 3 PALETTE…

If you want to go full SS18 (Spring/Summer 2018) trend the Coastal Scents REVEALED 3 Eyeshadow palette is perfect. It contains an incredible 20 shadow shades for blending and customizing your own look according with trends and moods.


Having a closer look at Revealed 3 palette I’m completely seduced by the colors: all the trendiest shades are there. The palette displays 20 beautiful ultra pigmented, creamy and colorful shades: mattes, velvety, metallic (oh my GOLD!!! Perfect to highlight your eyelids for a summer look, or a Coachella makeup style).

From cool to warmer shades, nude neutral tones, pink, purple, clay, brown, cranberry, gold, glitter black… the palette offers a complete range of shades that can suit any eye color or skin type. For less than $20 you have there a very complete makeup set.

The shadows displayed are elegant, and offer an infinite combination of looks and possibilities. I love to play with makeup and shades. Working with makeup should be fun and entertaining! Not boring! So this palette is perfect, you can play with the nude tones, blend it with warmer shades and add some metallic to shape your look. No need to cover with extra layers, the finish is natural, and light. Except if you want to create a night out look, but in general, one or two applications will cover your eyelids perfectly so that the palette lasts forever. The pearl brush set does its job to perfection, brushes are precise, silky soft and perfectly suitable for a beginner use. You’ll feel like a pro MUA!

The features I particularly appreciate with REVEALED 3, is the smooth texture, it blends super easily. I was amazed by the long lasting non-fading quality of the shadows after one complete day. Absolutely no leaking, highly durable and remains smooth and matte all day. Flawless.


For this look I used the neutral, pastel pink, light brown/dark brown, metallic purple, and gold shades to obtain a natural look.


It has all the qualities we might expect from mid-range brands, but to me the Coastal Scents palette has this little extra something: cruelty-free, paraben-free which makes it of highly ethical value to me.

The REVEALED 3 palette and its 20 shadows is the perfect dupe for an Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette or the Tarte Tartelette Palette.


The Revealed 3 Palette, just like all other Palettes from the Revealed Series, is very comparable to products from major brands at a fraction of the cost.

If you look at Coastal Scents website, or subscribe to their newsletter, you will discover that they have hot deals almost every week and on all the makeup ranges.

The REVEALED 3 Eyeshadow Palette is $19.95, if you are lucky enough, you can own it for as little as $9.95.


Top qualities of the REVEALED 3 Palette by Coastal Scents :

  • High quality,
  • Fair price,
  • Cruelty-free,
  • Paraben free,
  • Trendy shades
  • Classy Packaging
  • Wide variety of looks
  • Blends easily, smooth,
  • High durability 

All what a girl can expect from a mid-range makeup brand without the $45 cost !

Again, if you are not a Superstar MUA or makeup guru, these shadows are easy and light to apply to get a natural look.

You can shop the REVEALED 3 Palette here.

Brush worth the blush!

To create my complete makeup of the day, I used the Coastal Scents Pearl Brush Set.


This exclusive Pearl Brush Set contains 16 elegant, pearlesque-handled brushes. The soft, dual-toned synthetic bristles are perfect for creating a wide variety of looks. All brushes are contained in a stylish leatherine case which doubles as a secure traveling companion and a convenient brush holder.

This set includes the following brushes:

  1. Kabuki Sculptor, 2. Blush, 3. Angled Blush, 4. Tapered Powder, 5. Flat Buffer, 6. Large Liner and Brow, 7. Small Liner and Brow, 8. Foundation, 9. Dome Shadow, 10. Large Fluff, 11. Smudger, 12. Concealer, 13. Blender, 14. Doe Foot Sculptor, 15. Small Shader, 16. Fine Liner

The set is fairly complete, and gathers all the brushes that are basically needed on a daily basis to create outstanding looks. My fav would be the Kabuki! Not only it is cute but is sculpts to perfection!

Each brush applies the powder super lightly. The Coastal Scents Pearl Brush works perfectly for blending and the finish is flawless.

I really enjoyed these brushes, they are smooth, velvety and perfect to blend textures easily when you are not a professional. They are absolutely fabulous and again, high quality items at a super cute price, you can enjoy this PEARL BRUSH SET at $39.95 (instead of 59.95).


Shop this PEARL BRUSH SET here

Hot summer trend: cherry-pop lips glossy glow…

The other gift I received was a range of Luscious lipsticks : shades 01, 02, 03, 07 and 10.


Summer’s lip tones are a bright and beautiful assortment of pinks, reds ranging from nude to coral and cherry. Cherry-pop shades are definitely THE trend this summer. Whether you have a pearl white, caramel or chocolate skin, cherry suits every girl!


The lipstick’s texture is creamy, but matte enough to be super lasting, even after lunch! No need to cover your lips with layers of lipstick, it’s easy to put on, and super durable. Lips are soft but not dry, left with a peachy touch. If you want a pure glossy glow, you can add a layer of transparent gloss…terrific!

For this makeup I used the #10 shade, which was perfect to enlighten the overall natural looking makeup with a glimpse of sparkle.


Luscious lipsticks come in 15 everlasting, creamy shades from vibrant pinks and deep reds to rich purples.  All lipsticks are paraben free.

At the moment, you can enjoy purchase at $3.95 instead of $5.95.

Shop the Coastal Scents Lipstick here

I would recommend Coastal Scents to all the girls looking for affordable dupes and higher-end products.

Discover all the Coastal Scents collections here :


Cruelty-Free cosmetics used for this look (“Once Upon a Time” Tshirt available at Fashioniamocistore):

  1. Iconic London Face Primer
  2. Coastal Scents Revealed 3D Palette
  3. Iconic London Strobing Stick (Glow)
  4. Benecos Natural Beauty Natural Light Fluid Foundation (Sahara)
  5. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection
  6. Benecos Natural Mascara Glamour Look (Ultimate Black)
  7. Coastal Scents Lipstick #10

Don’t forget to shine, Glam Babes, even if you’re on a budget, some brands will make you look absolutely gorgeouliscisous and stand out. Get the summer super hot Glam & Glow at no extra cost, keep visiting this blog to discover new products reviews every week !

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. I really take pleasure sharing my fashion and beauty discoveries with you. I wish you a magical week, filled with beauty of life, magical moments and makeup treasures.

When it comes to eyeshadow, what colors do you prefer ? What’s your absolute favorite shade for the summer ? Leave me your comments!

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