Affordable Red Carpet Style for Budget Babe…look like a celebrity for less than $100 !



I know that you girls around the world are in love with fashion…and you can trust me…I am in love with it too ! Even my banker knows that I’m in love with anything that is related to make-up, heels or fashion…as well as with what I call the « little extras » : hair style, nails, skincare and so on…you know what makes us GIRLS ! Well…you know, enhancing our natural mojo is a full time dedication !

Time has come for a serious fashion talk !

Stop digging into your savings account to fill your shopping lust…let’s face it, you’ll never have enough digits to own your favorite celebrities’ fashion designers’ wardrobe!

We all know that the K-Sisters and their Mum rule over fashion and set the latest trends by wearing the most stylish innovative outfits ! But you know….they’re the KARDASHIAN ! And we thank the Style and Fashion Gods for having sent them on Earth.


The Kardashian’s sisters are a true fashion inspiration for an everyday outfit. Anything they wear they make it look amazing and incredibly glam, and of course we want to wear it too ! But I’m sure, you also dreamed of having Rihanna’s little two pieces black suit, or looking as glam as JLO in her red carpet gown, or that you ever wondered how to look like celebrities at a fair price.

Today’s post is there to show you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like a million dollars babe.

Summer is on its way, parties, weddings, and family events too !

In order to shine like a star in your everyday life or at parties, I found a selection of clothes that will catch everyone’s eye.

But FIRST !! Don’t forget that to look like a celebrity, you must already have your hair perfectly smooth, impeccable makeup with highlight on cheekbones, manicured nails. For makeup, adopt the Kim K signature nude look, or for the evening a more glamorous makeup like the one proposed by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.

Three pairs of shoes will be enough to reproduce the most stylish celebrity looks: a pair of sneakers like the Puma Suede Bow, I would recommend them because they are really stylish, girly, super comfy and go with any outfit from denim, casual wear to a more formal white pants or little dress. Then you must absolutely own a pair of stilettos, and a pair of summer knee-high boots to go with your mini dress or shorts. These are three basic! You can of course add a clutch bag, this is a must have this season !

To accessorize think about the pair of sunglasses. Ideally a pair of designer shades finishes your outfit and brings a touch of glam. It is possible thanks to the magic of the internet to find authentic designer sunglasses at a very interesting price.

bohosunglasses gucci

I have selected a few items for you that are at an affordable price and can be considered as smart shopping.

The outfits displayed by Dress Like the Celebs re-create fashionistas’ and celebrities’ must haves : from magnificent gowns to super cute bikinis…and some are just to crush for !

For less than $100 you can get up to three or four different outfits combinations and you can even shop some nice bikinis too !

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t shine like a star or that you can’t be stylish and glamour.

Don’t forget that everything is a matter of attitude. If you show self-confidence, then, you’ll stand out from the crowd and will shine in any outfit !

All girls deserve to wear stylish outfits. The affordable price doesn’t take out value from you, it simply shows you are a smart shopper dealing with tight budget but high on style !

What’s your favorite outfit to look like a million dollars Babe ? What’s your tip and advice to shop great items at a fair price ?

To shop these styles : DRESS LIKE THE CELEBS

This is a non sponsored post, I simply share with you a selection of fashionable items that I really liked.

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