Cruelty-Free Beauty ritual essentials for less than 50 euros: THE “FABULUSH” product review of the week!


Let yourself enjoy the pleasure of a blue lagoon of refreshing scents and wellness.

Girls !!! I wanted to provide you with a vegan/cruelty-free product review, which was worth it.

You know I’m careful with buying cosmetics, shower gels, or skincare products that reflect my ethical thinking.

Last weekend I went for shopping and stopped-by the Lush store in my hometown.

I was looking for refreshing scents that would be perfect to match with the spring mood. You know flowers blooming, the sun starting to warm-up our skin. And of course as these products are tested on the Brits… not on animals, this makes it worth the purchase.


I went through a selection of products if your budget is tight but you still want to give your well being high quality products, based on natural ingredients that will last a very long time. I hope that my selection of the week will please you and will enter into your spring beauty routine!

Many people will say that Lush products are expensive…I would respond YES they are! But if you look at how durable they are, Lush products perfectly fit for people who are on a budget but still willing to get the best body wash and hair care products

I’ve made on purpose a selection which is around 50€ and which will last for 6 to 9 weeks which would be 5 to 8 euros per week to benefit from top natural products!

As I usually explain, this post reflects my opinion on these products, I am not sponsored by the brand, I bought these products on my own, and would love to share my review with you to help you in your daily life if you look for original natural hair and body care that are cruelty-free and good for you!

LUSH WHOOSH 11,95€/250g



Whoosh comes into a typical black Lush jar that can be upcycled.


The fresh lemon scent will take you to heaven ! The blue jelly is made with natural citrus essential oils, perfect to wake you up ! I love this fresh and powerful scent.


Girls ! The texture is a bit surprising as it comes as a real transparent blue jelly block.

Just add a few drops of water so that the jelly turns into a light creamy foam.

Rub it all over your body and hair. Lather and rinse.


I appreciated this jelly by its new texture and its very invigorating smell. It’s nice to smell, fresh, and I can’t wait taking my shower. The essential oils make it a product full of revitalizing vitamins for your body and soothing your mind.

Energizing citrus extracts in a reviving blend of rosemary and geranium. Have you had a bad night or are you just not in the morning? Whoosh is perfect to bring you the twist of energy you might need to start your day! Lemon, grapefruit, lime and rosemary awaken your senses as its gelatinous texture stimulates you from head to toe to help you stay calm, cool and focused all day!

LUSH OCEAN SALT 11,95€ /120g



The Ocean salt scrub is contained in a small black pot, emblematic packaging of the brand. A sober, modern packaging and finally its simplicity is a touch of minimalist elegance in your bathroom.


The first impression is a tidal flush of freshness at the opening of the pot. A tidal wave for a face and body scrub based on sea salt … it’s a beautiful introduction!

The texture is very unctuous, creamy and light. I am completely seduced!

The sensation of freshness and softness of the skin is immediate. A small hazelnut on wet skin is enough to erase face and neck.


As this scrub has a creamy and melting texture, so it applies very easily. It slides on the skin, gently. When applied, we feel all the benefits of essential oils. No unpleasant abrasive effect. Rinsing is easy.

I also really appreciate that this scrub can be used for both the face and the body.

It leaves the skin silky, radiant with light, invigorated and works as well on sensitive skin as normal skin.

Ocean salt from Lush is really a beautiful discovery, very pleasant to use, a little sea salt and some essential oils are enough to have a fresh complexion, good looks and healthy skin.

I love this product, it is self-preserving, it only requires a small amount for each use, so it is extremely durable. It is now part of my essential products dedicated to the beauty ritual. I use it about 2 to 3 times a week, on a skin that I make up every day, it is ideal to rid it of its impurities. My skin is glowy and FABULUSH !!

It is a scrub that I recommend as a basic product in your bathroom.



Super refreshing gel for body and hair with a twist of minty coolness that feels so refreshing ! If you like minty and blue…this one’s for you !

This shower gel smells amazing !

It lathers well and is quite moisturizing. I don’t use it on my face but it’s not tingly on the rest of my body.

My best friend bought the smallest bottle about three months ago and is still using it every day, she stil has half left. This is an ecologic/economic shower gel !

LUSH BIG 18,95 €/ 330g


The promise is simple : a shampoo which offers your hair softness and volume, without damaging them.

Shampoo with sea salt, algae and citrus to give shine and volume.

Big contains 50% sea salt and smeels like margarita… with a soothing seaweed infusion as well as sea salt and coconut oil with a handful of vanilla and iris as a bonus ! Your hair will smell like candy !

The shampoo comes into a little black pot, like every Lush product seen above.

The texture is quite similar as the texture of the sea salt scrub.

Use only a small hazelnut of this shampoo, the foam is generous, very soft, and pleasant, it leaves on your hair a sweet scent of candy.

So that the salt does not damage your hair fiber if it is fragile, I recommend to space the use. I usually have hair without volume, thanks to Big, I keep them silky and clean up to 4 days. They are vigorous, beautiful, luminous, and extremely silky and shiny!

Trying this shampoo, you’ll realize that your hair can dream BIG too!

This product review was a pleasure, I discovered products I will surely buy again, like the scrub, or the shampoo. The whoosh can easily become an essential in a bathroom too, as it is pretty economic in the long run and efficient.

I hope you enjoyed this review as much I as enjoyed sharing with you some ways to be « FABULUSH » !

Did you also try these products ? What is your favorite  from my selection?


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