Shades are a matter of Style… Let the sunshine and your sunglasses sparkle magic!


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I’m back with this new review and hope you’ll enjoy it as much s I enjoy writing it!

Summer is on its way and you know that there’s nothing more glamorous than a lady wearing sunglasses. Not only does this hide our shyness under a modesty screen, but it is also in terms of style, an essential accessory. It does not matter the frame, as long as it has style and is sufficiently protective for your eyes. This part should not be neglected.

Today, I’d like to offer a product review that I recently bought from the Unicorn Eyewear website.

This is a brand I discovered on Instagram and I decided to give a try!

First, I enjoyed a discount placing my first order, then shipping even worldwide was free! Living in France at the time, I was more than happy to save on that aspect of the parcel!

I chose the Mermaid style eyewear in gold and brown for its originality. The low eyeglass frame really seduced me. I’m really a sunglasses addict, even when it’s cloudy. I like the effortless instant stylish look given by a nice pair of eyewear!!!


The model chosen is the Mermaid Eye Wear, rimless style – Clear, Mirrored and Gray, it comes in 5 Color Options, lenses are Mirror gradient and photochromic UV400.

To me, eyewear is an essential continuum of jewellery. It is vital to protect your eyes’ health and also as a key fashion accessory. They have become more popular than bags and heels even on the catwalk.

Shades are the first fashion accessory people see from you. As it protects you from sunrays, your shades can be treated exactly as your wardrobe…colors, styles, shapes, brands. Don’t limit yourself ! Some affordable eyewear has a great potential, mix it with stylish outfits !

My cute Mermaid Eyewear was shipped in a small parcel to my door, protected by a cloth purse. For an average price the frame and lenses are made from good material.


The original frame allows to wear it with any type of outfit from casual, to street style or party outfit.

It is as light as a feather, comfortable and for $57 you own an affordable pair of sunglasses that can easily go for a luxury item.


I have the pleasure to be a brand ambassador at #UNICORNEYEWEAR and #CHICNY and I’m more than happy to share this 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE with you!

To adopt the Unicorn Eyewear style: use the code GRAZIA

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What type of eyewear do you own? Do you match it with your outfit?