How to become an Influencer and make your blog shine!

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I’m infinitely grateful for your kind interest in my blog, even if it’s pretty recent, I’m amazed by your nice messages and support.

Being on several Facebook Groups where we launch discussions on running blogs, I decided to come up with a few tips to help you with shining on the web towards your Community!

After several years to run a blog into the motorcycle ride marketing industry (still in a glam way but much darker than the pink joyful world I’m trying to share through Grazia e Gioa), I decided to launch my second blog a month ago. Yes Babes! This girl is crazy! Marketing has become a true lifestyle!

In order to make it productive, the ultimate goal being to monetize it, I built my social media strategy, targeted my niche and since then try to grow my audience accordingly.

Some of you may not dare to launch their own blog, thinking there’s already so much people at it… I would recommend to do it, as there’s a place for everyone, if you feel like you have something to bring to your community, so let’s do it! Don’t ever leave behind your ambitions.

If you are a great mom, but also running you business and want to share your tips with other busy moms, any advice is always good to take. Same if you’re in a niche, like a digital marketing blogger or entrepreneurship influencer.

Make your choice to make sure you’re voice does count!

On a personal point of view I prefer to use instagram and grow my followers base there. Facebook algorithm makes it too hard to have posts reach out people and generate traffic or interaction. For a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blog with some travel escapes too, I thought this would make the world smaller and be easier to spread the word on my blog.

After a little more than a month of intensive care to build my feed, and blog, I’ve started to search for a platform which could help me interact with brands while at the same time help me make a little extra money that could cover the expenses of running the blog: pay for the wordpress yearly package, internet bills, buying a logo, buying a media kit and a few templates, buying ads to promote the blog and posts…well you know…before making an income you have to invest a lot to develop your business! Same for a blog, Sweeties! Always keep your credit card on your desktop, there’s always something to buy to improve your own marketing!

Rule #1 to never forget: It is your community who decides you’re an influencer. Nurture this relationship and make it shine (yeah…it’s all about GLOW, Sweeties!).



  1. Find your niche sector. A topic that you enjoy so much that you enjoy and master enough to provide a fresh expertise on it.
  2. Choose the social media platforms that will best suit your exposure.

Cover a maximum of four to get the most out of it. You can make your choice according to your skills. If you have outstanding writing skills, focus on publishing well-wrapped contents, you feel better with video content editing ? Launch your Youtube channel !

  1. Make your content valuable. This is the reason why people will follow you.
  2. Define your Social Media Strategy, set-up a social media planner (weekly) and start publishing !
  3. Make your message clear and consistent. Publish on a regular base (2, 3 or 5 times a week), keep your readers attracted by your content. Try to make your message clear and brand new for every post to keep your audience interested.
  4. Start being noticed. Generate interaction on forums, facebook groups, and start building a relationship with other bloggers, comment pictures on instagram, give some tips or ideas and start being noticed !
  5. Build your community.Use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to find people with interest for your industry. Invite people to join your community, have them spread the word.
  6. Promote yourself.Share your posts and invite your community to follow, like, share, repost ! Set-up a give away to reward your community and keep them on track.
  7. Provide value. If you feel like you don’t have much to say on a topic, or that you are not in the mood to write down something consistent, then stay quiet! Share pictures on your instagram or facebook profile. Your publications must bring something to your community, you are followed for an expertise in a particular industry and you must always provide your audience with valuable content. This helps building and nurture the relationship.
  8. Make your work and contribution shine!

Following these crucial steps to develop my blog, I’ve started to work with a few brands. First local in my community, then international. Some other brands liked my pics and the way I treated items in my reviews, or liked the creative photosets to which I pay so much attention to produce original and appealing content.


I had a hook with a few brands by contacting them directly. I was looking for a marketing influencer platform to start monetizing my work and make it more concrete.

For most of people around me, running my blog is like playing with a new toy, just seating behind a screen.

Stemming from the marketing sphere, trust me, this is so much more than that! This is for the major part a matter of producing creative photoshoot sessions, testing products, writing reviews while remaining professional and entertaining at the same time for the readers to enjoy the discovery.

This is a lot of time devoted to search for decoration material, and this is also a huge financial investment. I buy most of the products I feature as I want to provide my audience with the most authentic review as possible.

Browsing the web,  I discovered Inzpire.Me. After creating my account, two days later I already had received my two first paid proposals for collabs into my sector! Soon you’ll discover that nice make-up I’ll promote!! Remember? It’s all about THE GLOW!!

This is a free marketing influencers and brands platform that super easy to use, and my experience with it, is for the moment pretty satisfying.

From your dashboard you manage your bookings, you create your profile, browse the brands, send them messages if the products correspond to you, you can even browse the brands that only match your profile, which makes things much easier and faster!

In order to help you connect with brands and start growing your blog, I am more than happy to share a referral link with you:

I hope this post will be helpful in helping you grow your blog to make it a true business. Cause Girls we all deserve to be our own damn boss!

In order to be fully transparent with you all, I include links to products and services that I think will be useful for you, and in return I receive an affiliate or referral commission for any purchases you make by clicking those links or through buying from the businesses I’m referring. I will never refer something to you or make a product review that I don’t believe in myself, and whenever I give an opinion on a product or service it will be 100% my own personal opinion.

Please know, that any of the links or referrals I include will earn me a commission if you buy through them or simply register or a service.

I don’t intend to become a billionaire with each commission on purchases, or suscriptions, so please never forget that anyone of you who buys through a link or registers to a services helps to fund this blog, and for this, I am very grateful to all of you.

This referral link is mainly there to be helpful in your quest for reaching your ambitions with your blog.

Where do you want to take your blog? Was this article helpful in achieving your goal?

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