Top 3 Must Do’s for the perfect Sunday coziness…


Indulge in the soothing and cozy ambience of a lazy Sunday…to help you appreciate the beauty of this moment to relax from the passed hardworking days and help you prepare the week to come.

Set the ambience…


First…let’s start with a warm and sweet coffee ! Let the first sips soothe your mind…then…you can start your day !

My Sunday mornings start early at 8am (9am max !). After my morning coffee, I light up some natural candles to set a soothing and calm ambience, I like candles for the warm touch they bring to a home, but also for the comforting light, they help creating a wellness moment out of time, which is a good opportunity to reconnect to yourself.


Once the « mood boosters » are lit, let’s set the mood with some relaxing music.

The playlist I like to wake my body and mind with on Sunday mornings is on Youtube :

This atmosphere is so relaxing… you enter slowly into a home sweet home spa-like ambience.

Coziness wouldn’t be perfect if your bath was remaining an « average bath ». On this particular day you have to treat yourself like a QUEEN !!

A luxurious spa-like moment…

il_340x270.1425346244_s7i3I’m a bath addict , I like it warm, surrounded by candles, and with fizzy hand made natural bathbombs, or bath salts ! I love the fizzy effect, the light and soft fragrance they leave on the skin, this is a luxurious moment I really appreciate.

Now that you’re all set : soak in this luxurious foam and cozy bath for 20 minutes of pure relaxation !


If you do not have a bathtub, use the candles to create a very chic and warm ambience, use some essential oils to spray in the room, take a really hot shower, take the time to scrub your body with natural sugar scrub, give your hair a beauty mask, massage carefully your body with the scrub glove. Use these 20 minutes to give yourself your own kind of spa-like treatment !

After these 20 minutes, let the relaxation music on…gently apply on your face a creamy and rich daycare treatment to fully moisturize.

IMG_9312.JPGSunday is my no make-up day ! I really enjoy applying a generous amount of organic mango butter by Make It Beauty on both my face and hair. For the face I leave the mango butter penetrate the skin for 10 minutes, then I wipe the excess with a cloth, before applying again a generous amount of the velvety Energy Boost multi-use mask cream by Mossa. Leave it for 20 minutes, again, wipe off the residue. Your skin is fresh, clean and replenished! These are my beauty tips to repulp my skin and hair with natural/cruelty-free products. No rince ! I leave it on until my skin and hair is replenished. Simply tie your hair up with a ponytail. A simple natural look !

Brunch is a Lifestyle !

The Sunday brunch is one of the little things I used to do when I lived in America and that reconnect me with this past life I adored. Brunch is great as the menu ideas are limitless !


I hope these little tips will help you set-up the perfect lazy Sunday !

Now, make yourself comfortable, relax and enjoy the pleasures of treating yourself !