Black and White Burger : the Foodie Folie rendez-vous in Paris !

From IBRA TV, the YOUTUBE Millionnaire to Paris’ best burger…

Do you really think that in the country of gastronomy, there’s a place for « burger » ? Let’s check this out together !

A burger that will taste like the BEST BURGER of your life (at least in Paris)…can you imagine that ?

Black and White Burger, the brand new parisian burger place was recently launched by IBRA TV, the famous youtuber from Chechnya.

More than just making a living on his Youtube videos, he decided to use his popularity to develop this restaurant’s concept of gourmet burgers and already has 6 full-time employees. Located at the heart of Paris most popular district, near Les Halles and Châtelet, Black and White Burger offers fresh made burgers (and Kosher too !).

The concept is simple : offer gourmet burgers made of fresh ingredients at a fair price (from 7,50€ to less than 10 euros). On a regular basis Ibra TV will invite fans and other Youtube influencers to come and taste the burgers to have live regular quality check.


If you’re a burger lover or a foodie… burger means something to you…My Boyfriend and I don’t fool around when it comes to burgers… yes even if I am vegan, I enjoy eating tasty fresh and juicy burgers with fresh veggies in it! Don’t you ?

We finally pass the door step !

The space is warm, decorated in the industrial loft trend, very modern but at the same time comfortable. A dozen high wooden tables are arranged with benches. On the right the counter is surmounted by the prize given by Youtube to the famous millionaires in followers and views. This is the only reference to Ibra TV and his main activity. Here, everything is very soberly decorated, and the discretion of the staff is appreciated. The choice of burgers is based on simple but tasty recipes.


Five burgers are available for the moment. New recipes will be added regularly.

It will be a classic burger for my sweetheart, and a vegan burger for me.

Five minutes later our burgers are served to us on a tray, on which is arranged a pair of black gloves. Here we eat with gloves to avoid getting dirty hands! Excellent idea! Very useful! Fashion comes on a tray ! Yes we look like Dexter ! But no time to kill today ! We’ve got burgers awaiting for us !


Classic Burger : The two charcoal buns contain a generous burger composed of black angus steak, fresh vegetables, cheddar, a little scented sauce, pickles. The appearance is pretty, and makes you want to bite in it.

Vega Burger : The vegan version is so tasty and juicy. The pesto sauce, the balsamic vinegar, the portion of fresh feta and the grilled sun vegetables give a nice Mediterranean flavor. Pepper, zucchini, onions, it is the most melting vegan burger that I could taste.


Potatoes are frozen but of very good quality, they perfectly come along with this gourmet burger : crunchy, not too salty, no greasy effect. The level set is high ! We have been impressed by the size of the regular burgers… until we discovered the MEGA BURGERS…something like 20 steacks… and a giant bun…amazing ! This is a gift IBRA TV offers his young fans regularly when they come to have lunch. He is reputed for being generous… his restaurant doesn’t lie ! You get the best of everything. These burgers are made from the heart.


The desserts have appeared on the menu recently, we will take a Crazy Shake! Of course, the ingredients are not natural or homemade, but the effect of surprise when it’s being served is a sweet little pleasure that should not be sacrificed !


Regarding the budget, for two burgers, a portion of potatoes and a crazy shake : total is less than 25 euros for two. There are packages for students at less than 10 €, and even coffee breaks including a coffee and a muffin for 6 euros.

What we like: the quality of ingredients, the quality of the service in the room, the taste of fresh food, the very modern and warm setting. Being able to take our burgers home is also an important point (they remain fresh and tasty).

To improve: the young waitress who takes lascivious poses on the counter, and who seems to be annoyed as soon as a customer places an order, it is not very professional and not motivating for customers.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars for the quality of the burgers, the originality of the concept and the opening hours Monday/Sunday from noon to midnight !

Where to find them : 31 rue Saint Denis, Paris

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We have experienced the best burgers of Paris (made with love by the Chechen Youtuber’s team!)!

Do you agree ? Did you try this restaurant ? What did you think ?

Do you know any other burger place you want us to introduce on this blog ?

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