Hair Makeover: Light Blond Pearl Grey Ombre Hair…Girls, let’s reach the bleach!

I’m sure you all Girls ever thought of having a huge hair makeover ! Being a natural brunette… my hair undergoes bleaching, mèches, ombré effect regularly… (yeah I know…I di dit again !)…I like to change my hair and make-up, it makes life more entertaining, more fun and it’s pretty cool too !

After having my entire hair bleached to polar blonde last year…I decided to go for a beautiful light blond pearl grey ombré hair which was realized by Camille Albane hair salon with Weleda products and haircare treatments. And for those wondering : NO I WON’T LOOK LIKE A GRANDMA and NO THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED BY WELEDA (this is just a brand that I use daily for many years,  I am satisfied with these products, and thought you might appreciate to discover)!

That being said…if you’re wondering if you should go for it… please know that your hair will have to reach the perfect bleach before the grey tone can be applied.

Also, keep in mind that these colours need good care : conditioning treatments, anti-yellow shampoo (which comes in a beautiful violet shade), and regular maintenance with your favorite hairdresser to always have the perfect glow !

Once you know all that, Girls, let’s reach the bleach !!!

More than just a fashion trend, light blond pearl grey ombré hair suits every girl ! This is the perfect color whether your skin is sand or caramel, it goes along with any skin tone, or fashion style. It is easy to wear and if yo have long hair you can take the most out of this tone every single day : hair bun, ponytail, braids, pigtail… be creative !


When it comes to the matching make-up, I go for a nude natural look using mainly the Too Faced natural eyes collection, and Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection for contouring, as well as the Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation. Plain and simple but chic and flawless all day long ! You can all find it at Sephora.

To maintain my beautiful pearl grey colour I use the Weleda shampoos and conditionners, masks too. They repulp the hair fiber and keep the glow !

Weleda products do not contain parabens, are entirely made with raw natural material and non tested on animals at any stage of the production, which corresponds to my beauty ethics.

I hope you’ll enjoy this ombré hair effect and that you’ll dare to be the woman you want to !

If you dared to go through a hair makeover I’d be happy to have your comments and testimonials below! Like, share, comment, repost, this article is made to inspire! 🙂

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