Look of the day : the romantic pearl denim …


I’ve had an intensive shopping week-end, and need to share some treasures with you ! When it comes to style, elegance and fashion, as good girl you think Italy and Milano city of course !

I’ve been looking (or hunting shall I say…) for a pearl bleached denim for ages ! Spring is on its way and I like to wear outfits that are not on every other girl in the street. I like to be different while having some twist of elegance.

Being away in the french countryside for a few days, I discovered « BOCCA BOUTIQUE », a small shop…and you know what… the perfect spot ! This shop has treasures and dressing must-haves!


All the clothes are carefully selected by the owner who never buys more than 2 similar items, and guess what ???….it is all made in ITALY (yes !! THE HEART OF FASHION AND TRENDS !).

Who is Bocca? …. Bocca This is a small convenience store located in the old COURNON D’AUVERGNE. A Smell of Patchouli fragrance. Faded or worn, shirts, dresses and tunics are leading the trend. For a glam style  “Lola Espéléta” is there! We cannot miss the SMASH brand; bright colors, original shapes Bocca is also fancy jewelery, bags, eau de toilette (patchouly, vanilla, chocolate), shoes, belts. Here is a wink from this shop. A visit is necessary !! Fashion does not wait at BOCCA!

Among the pink street style pants and the pink cardigan I selected…for the « touch of pink »… I had a crush on the « Amour is French » sweater… (so romantic ! but also soooo perfect for spring time), the pearl denim looking legging… and of course the pearl denim and the beautiful white jumper, knot crossed in the back…that is sexy and glam but very elegant though.


The jeans is made of coton and elastane, embroidered with pearls on the ankles sides. The skinny fit makes it easy to wear with high heels or even boots. You can mix it with sneakers, and with different styles depending on your mood !

The white jumper is light and soft, don’t forget to get your tanning cream before wearing it to improve the contrast with your skin. You can wear it being barely nude… it’s a true velvet second skin jumper.


Amour is French…. This piece is full of creativity, while the design remains sober, plain and simple, but classy. It can perfectly fit with the denim, or the legging. I bought these items on purpose as I like to mix them together.

This sweater is 100% coton, extremely pleasant to wear, soft and very comfy !

The last item for today’s look is the bleached legging. One le gis embroidered with pearls, the other leg has crystal stars. Easy to wear with a pair of UGGS or knee-high boots. Perfect with the knot crossed white jumper.

With these spring basics, you’ll be sexy and classy. These items are easy to wear, extremely comfortable. Difference is made into details… and this is exactly what I like !

Brands :

The pearl legging by IZZY

Amour is French sweater by JUBYLEE

Pearl Denim by LEXXURY


If you want to shop these looks, I would recommend to contact directly Coco, owner of BOCCA BOUTIQUE. Phone:04 73 777 918 06 81 26 79 63 – She will be happy to assist you. If you are placing an order from far away, no worries, she will handle the shipping of your fashion treasures.


Have a wonderful week !

If you like this look, please comments are welcome ! If you dislike, please comment and tell me why ! Thank you !

Keep being AWESOME, Ladies !