NUOO: A fresh, delighting experience of green beauty Must-Haves cosmetics !

Being vegan for ages, for many years I’ve been forced to go to London in some specifics stores to find my vegan non tested cosmetics. Luckily, those times are over ! I can now enjoy pretty discoveries while browsing the web looking for THE ideal cream, mask or soap that will be THE ELECTED one in my bathroom ! To be the brand’s best « sparkling partner »…I always want the best for my skin, and a healthy natural look.

Last week I decided to entrust my skin an hair to NUOO, a french e-shop which offers a wide range of small original brands, for all budgets, holding a promise to your body : even the smallest brand and cheap cream is entirely made of high quality raw material.

I’m a green beauty addict, trying to respect some ethics rules when it comes to take care of my hair, skin, body or beauty routine. I am more than happy to have discovered such a treasure « box » filled with little green pleasures. Each brand, each product is new to me, those brands are sometimes handmade and family-run, this is the kind of know-how I enjoy sharing with you Sweeties ! These families take a great care of the cosmetics they are producing, so these cosmetics will take a good care of your body ! It’s as simple as that !

Let’s back to the NUOO E-shop ! Every month new brands and must have products are unveiled. If you prefer to « test » some of the products first, then you can sign-up for the monthly beauty box ! For less than 30€ you will receive 5 small products that will change the way you look at beauty…

Here are the « cuties » I decided to buy from this site and my opinion on them. This post is non sponsored by any of the brands I will review. My goal is to remain true to myself, I only share with you the products and brands discoveries I enjoyed myself and approved. Regarding collabs, I do only develop collaboration with the brands I appreciate or the products I enjoy. So you can now keep reading this post knowing I only share products you can trust.


My fantastic selection of your natural beauty vanity must-haves

Palmarosa solid deodorant

The pop packaging of this cutie would let you think it’s a cane sugar inside the box… This is actually an organic solid deodorant created by LAMAZUNA. It’s 100% natural, it contains palmarosa essential oils and is convenient for all skin types. Pass the cone under water and then apply it to underarm skin : simple and efficient.

Organic Shea Butter – Format : 20 gr

My hair has been discolored very often, so they need to be deeply rehydrated. This shea butter mini format yet has maximum efficiency. I let it melt slightly on the heater before applying it at night on my dry and brushed hair. It acts as a repairing care. The texture is pleasant because it does not leave greasy hands, and gives off a slight scent but remains almost odorless. In daily use or intensive care on hair, nails, skin it works wonders, rehydrates and restores a silky appearance to your skin and hair. These are less brittle and brighter. Its small size allows to take it absolutely ANYWHERE! This is one of the products you can not do without!


Make it Beauty Mango Butter

Sweet and greedy ! This is a pure source of vitamins and intense nutrition, this amazing mango butter regenerates all types of skin (face, body) and hair. Nourishing, softening, soothing, regenerating, I use it twice a week at night on my skin, my nails to strengthen and my hair to nourish them deeply.

Purobio’s Powder Foundation – Tint: Medium 03

This foundation has a pleasant dry texture, which unifies the complexion and matifies it has a light and natural coverage, which is greatly appreciated !


Secret des Fées (Fairies’ Secret) Oxygenating detox mask

masque-peel-off-visage-detox-oxygenant-a-faire-soi-meme-2x8g-secrets-des-fees-22493-LOnce upon a time…Oxygenant detox mask was formulated by fairies with organic tea to boost and regenerate the skin. This is a Fairies’ Secret to take care of their beauty, be sure this mask will be mesmerizing on your skin !

I like the small packaging allowing to take it anywhere, the texture and smell of matcha green tea, it simple to use, and the secret to rejuvenate your skin in 10 minutes ! My skin it smoother, fresh and clean!

MOSSA’s Face mask and night cream energy boost

This “multi use mask and night cream” night cream is my favorite of the selection.

Regenerating, detoxifying, it plumps the skin of your face, smoothes the features and makes your skin a real velvet. I use it mainly at night, to wake up with a perfect complexion, then apply it in a light mask each morning to prepare my skin and look good! The texture is pleasant, no feeling of « grease » on the skin, the cream is absorbed quickly by the epidermis, and rinses in the blink of an eye. The sweet fruity scent of mango is very pleasant, very sweet. My skin is sublimated and looks much healthier, younger, brighter.

Shopping your healthy organic beauty products on NUOO is a refreshing experience as you will discover on a regular basis niche brands offering a variety of excellent products. This discovery is an absolute pleasure as not only it is easy to shop the website, but you can also browse beauty tips, monthly selection, and many beauty essentials that are interesting to discover as you will never see them on other sites, these are rare and luxurious cosmetics and you’ll feel privileged to have them! (Girl’s beauty secrets… you know what I mean!).

How do I rate this website ? 5 STARS ! Diversity and originality in the products displayed is a must !

The only « negative » aspect if I may say so would be the budget for an average basket which is usually above 60 euros. But for this price you have the certainty to make an excellent choice and provide your body with top level intensive care… You also contribute to support small fresh green brands. If you want to shop NUOO with a smaller budget you can treat yourself with the Nuoo Beauty Box which will provide you with 5 treasures shipped to your door each month to discover and try at a fair price. When it comes to beauty we always find a solution !

I hope you’ll enjoy this review, if you want to know more about this refreshing beauty shop, you can start making your own selection of beauty essentials :

Never forget to put some glitter in your life and to live with a twist of elegance !

Your best sparkling partner,